iPhone: Suppress number and calls anonymous

That using a mobile phone or smartphone by default when you call, the number is sent is now firmly anchored in the minds of users. For unknown numbers, the most reluctant for now. Still, not ever want to even give up his number. who the suppress iPhone number want, it can adjust to his unit - and call anonymously.

suppress iPhone numberYou want to suppress your iPhone number when calling? There are several possibilities for that. (Picture: Pixabay.de/Redaktion)

Dear Anonymous: Suppress the iPhone number

Almost all phones - smartphones anyway - now have a display that contains, among all manner of other information, the phone number and - if stored - turns up the name of the caller. So it looks like when we call someone. Our number or our name appear on the display. Some valuable tips are indeed in the user manuals - but not all. Nevertheless, we place you, for example, the iPhone 7 Manual Download my heart.

It may just be moments where it's just more comfortable, do not send along the number. This is the case for example if you call strangers, one of whom do not want them to write down the number - just to avoid annoying recalls. Or just simply for privacy. After all, who knows if a company does not pass on the number of surveys hotlines?

hide Caller ID: In the settings you go

If your iPhone, you can change your phone number suppress easily - via the iOS Settings. How to do this, we show you here:

  1. First, you must call up the system settings.
  2. In the settings you selected the entry phone.
  3. There again, the entry Send My Caller ID available. Here simply slide the slider next to the entry to the left. This disables the function and let suppress the iPhone number.

So your Caller ID - - Once you have left the settings, your phone number is not displayed on the called party appears when your on a phone call. Also, if anyone has stored your number in the address book, no contact information is transmitted.

Over the same way you can make the adjustment by the way also reversed so that your phone number is sent back. These Healed the slider just to the right again and switches the ID transmission again.

iPhone number suppress anonymous callsAnonymous phone calls is not difficult. (Picture: Pixabay.de/Redaktion)

Additional trick exhibit number portability once

If you want to suppress a call your number only, you need not separately take the path described above. There are in fact a much faster trick: the so-called "GSM code."

  1. You will not send them along once your number? Then type in the GSM code before the phone number that want to call her. This must look like this: # 31 # phone number.
  2. Confirmed by pressing the call button (green receiver). The called party receives your call - but without your caller ID.At the next ordinary call without this code your number is then transmitted again.

Tip: There are one or a handful of contacts to whom you want to never transmit your ID? Then it simply stores the GSM code # 31 #, before the phone number on the Address Book. Contacts with GSM code to know your phone number so never, as long as the code is stored before the number. However, all other contacts without code you received your caller ID still.

The other way round it goes the way also: Have you default on the Settings "suppress iPhone number" set, you can on the GSM code *31 # the suppression of individual calls off again before the destination number, so that the person being called will see your number. learn the current status of the calling number you about the code *** # 31 # **.

FaceTime users take note: Phone conversations you with FaceTime, your phone number is also displayed when you have the caller ID disabled.