ANNO 2205

in the ANNO 2205 Download the famous building real-time strategy game takes a step on the way into space. Earth's resources are exhausted and therefore it is necessary to penetrate into space to secure the well-being of mankind.

Moon bases built in ANNO 2205 Download

The decisive factor for the colonization of the moon is a scientific breakthrough in the field of fusion energy because the requisite isotope helium-3 is found only on the moon in sufficient quantity. Therefore, almost all about the newest part of the structure of the game to the struggle for resources and power to our Earth's satellite. The basic gameplay is similar to its predecessors in the sixth title of the award-winning real-time strategy game series. The player is faced with the task this time to colonize all the continents on Earth to build moon bases and there to promote the valuable resources.

ANNO 2205 Download

play with the session mode at the same time on several islands

At the forefront of urban design stands. The player tries to transform their cities into thriving metropolises, built thousands of buildings and controlled interplanetary companies whose branches spread over the earth and the moon. With the new session mode you can play on several islands and thereby connect different regions simultaneously.

The new game engine offers fantastic animations and credible proportions

Thanks to the fantastic new game engine, the cities offer much more detail than in previous games. ANNO programs are also among other things, significantly busier worlds, flying cars, teeming passers-animated production plants and an amazing wildlife. Schick is that the viewing perspective is arbitrary. convince the animations now finally through appropriate, credible proportions.

ANNO 2205 Download metropolises

The gameplay has been simplified and optimized

Practically, the opportunity now to simply put their own buildings in ANNO the 2205th So if, for example, wants to make his City new, can save the hassle of tearing and rebuilding. In other points, the developers have simplified the gameplay and optimized. ANNO 2205 takes place considerably more fluid than its predecessor, without reducing complexity and claim. The player has much more overview of the entire event and can for example take a look at the goods overview, rather than laboriously all establishments to check individually for problems or gaps.

ANNO 2005 is fully playable offline

Instead of islands this time rather Continents talk. The player can build on huge cities with several hundred thousand inhabitants. Worth mentioning that the ANNO 2205 download with no restrictions will be completely offline playable is. According to Creative Director Dirk Riegert goods production, trade and population growth will not take place on servers, but only on their own local PC. since only gamers could use to connect online the full functionality of the game, the manufacturer is reacting to the problems in ANNO 2070. Here angry Bluebyte and Ubisoft, the fan base. Was also particularly annoying that the servers were often unreachable.

ANNO 2205 Download Islands

ANNO 2205 is available since Nov. 3, 2015

New to the event is a level system, which refers to the total population. Who takes care of a thriving, growing metropolis, receives various useful rewards such as rare raw materials for the new docking modules. ANNO 2205 is available since 3 November, 2015. The structure of real-time strategy game is available in three versions: Standard Edition, Gold Edition and Collector's Edition. Further trade games for free download are available in our extensive software offering.