VokTrain - Vocabulary Builder for Excel 2023

VokTrain – Vocabulary Builder for Excel

The VokTrain Download offers the possibility to learn vocabulary in any language and practice. The vocabulary trainer takes on any series of words in simple Excel spreadsheets. MS Excel or Excel-compatible spreadsheet application like OpenOffice are needed to work with the freeware vocabulary trainer. The macros must be enabled at startup.

VokTrain Download: Vocabulary practicing in Excel spreadsheets

The source language may also like number of repetitions be chosen by the user. VokTrain presented to practicing words at random until all have been solved correctly. The correct answers vocabulary disappear from the template. They are stored on a separate sheet and remain visible at all times, as well as the number of tests and the results. Each time a test can be canceled by the learners and restarted again. The already outsourced vocabulary can be brought at the request back to the original.

VokTrain download

Useful for working with very large vocabulary stocks

The vocabulary test can also "oral" held form. Here, the alternation between question and answer takes place with the Enter key "keep going?", Anyone looking for a specific word, can Browse all Tables. Particularly useful proves the Voktrain download when working with very large words stocks. This can be reduced to the desired vocabulary and create a new worksheet.

VokTrain presents the vocabulary randomly

When the training vocabulary words of the left column of the table are shown VokTest according to a random order and the student typing the appropriate words in the right column in the information box a. With "load a file" selects one, which sheet is to be used. Unwanted words are marked and deleted with the right mouse button. When starting the source languages ​​can be selected and the columns are swapped. With each pass, there is a selection of times a word is to be queried. Errors are processed in this way. Once the number of hits is reached, the line disappears from the template and enters the list right thing sorted out. Thus, the total of the remaining practicing vocabulary diminishes usually after each test run.

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use special characters in Excel

Bit of a problem is the Entering special characters in Excel. In times of disaster codes are from the Windows Character Map. For example, the "ç" hold down the Alt key and the number series "0231" entered and the sign "â" by Alt + 0226th

Finished vocabulary lists for download

VokTrain is released as freeware for free use. As "wage" the programmer simply wants new vocabulary sets. Those who want to leave this to the author, can copy the text from the table and send as text messages by e-mail to publish a database on the authors website. Already available are the following, among others, vocabulary lists:

  • German English
  • German – English Medical
  • German – Technical English
  • German French
  • German – Portuguese
  • German Spanish
  • German – Latin
  • German Italian
  • German Japanese
  • German Russian

VokTrain download vocabulary lists

Graphically simple but effective vocabulary trainer VokTrain seen in a simple, little contemporary exterior, but can be used to to create large volumes of data quickly and efficiently and to spread. For example, can take on new vocabulary ranks with a few clicks from TXT, DOC or HTML files.