RF Spectrum Analyzer 1Hz to 9.4GHz

RF Spectrum Analyzer 1Hz to 9.4GHz

As a spectrum analyzer or spectrum analyzer in the electrical measurement gauges used for the capture and display of signals are referred to in the frequency domain. These are used among others in the field of electrical circuit design and high-frequency technology. Especially popular and handy are the Aaronia SPECTRAN spectrum analyzers with HF, LF and EMC measurements. For the SPECTRAN units, the manufacturer offers several Spectrum Analyzer Downloads to, among other things, a MCS real-time spectrum analyzer software and firmware updates for the devices.

Spectrum Analyzer Download: software for electrical instrumentation

Worth mentioning are the compact design and the high sensitivity of the instruments. The Aaronia Spectrum Analyzers are used for locating interference sources and their causes, to determine the frequency and signal strength, and to measure and evaluate complex limits. The manufacturer provides to the devices regular firmware updates and a special MCS real-time spectrum analyzer software, which runs under Windows.

Spectrum Analyzer Download

Ideal for mobile use

The spectrum analyzers are particularly suitable for applications in electronics, where mobility and portability are required. the device including in laboratories, universities and also of hobby electronics engineers in the field of mobile communication such as installation, service and field strength measurements are used with an operating time of up to 9 hours Aaronia Spectrum Analyzer specifically designed for mobile use.

Free PC analysis software for MCS Spectrum Analyzer

Quite useful, the free PC analysis software MCS that can be used simultaneously for Spectrum Analyzer turns. The data is displayed in real time. So there is no time difference between the signal analysis and display on the screen. Several SPECTRAN units can be used simultaneously on one and the same PC and its data is displayed. Also useful are the real-time remote control function with all SPECTRAN spectrum analyzers via the integrated USB port and unlimited number of limit displays including a display of limit lines and -Balkenanzeigen.

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Storage of personal Sessions

Worth mentioning are also the undo function, a channel and provider indicator, the possibility of customized skins and color settings as well as the reporting and recording function. Versatile trigger functions and an unlimited number of markers are available as well as a variety of views, such as spectrum, Waterfall, Histogram and limits. Who would permanently stick to the PC the data uses the storage of personal sessions. Key features and Functions of the SPECTRAN units:

  • Frequency range from 1Hz up to 9.4GHz
  • Sensitivity up to -170dBm (1Hz)
  • Low measurement uncertainty
  • Thanks to light weight
  • Integrated data logger for storing the measured values
  • Free Analysis Software for Windows
  • Limit calculation according to ICNIRP, DIN / VDE 0848
  • Internal preamplifier, peak power meter
  • Static magnetic field sensor

Spectrum Analyzer Download Meters

perfect use Spectrum Analyzer and read Owners of Aaronia Spectrum Analyzers have the MCS Spectrum Analyzer Download the appropriate Windows program on hand to have access to the device perfectly and can read. Also useful are the firmware updates of the SPECTRAN series to keep the Spectrum Analyzer always at the technical level.