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Cover Druckstudio

When free Cover Druckstudio the name says it all. Thanks to the clear and complete German surface is the Create and print CD and DVD cases with the freeware really fast out of hand.

Send create covers for CDs and DVDs: Cover Druckstudio Download

In three steps to the finished casing: Select cover type, placing graphics using the mouse Print. Faster it really is not. The cover Druckstudio disclaims any gimmicks and offers the rotate and flip images nothing more than a function of positioning the finished product. This is very handy as existing printer paper with punching not disappear unused in a drawer.

save templates anytime reopen

Those who want to create a new CD or DVD covers, click after the Cover Druckstudio Download and installation on new and gives a description and the author of the template. The width and height of the front and rear views are just as flexibly as the diameter and the inner diameter of the media CD or DVD. The templates, the user can store and recall under open again to edit its preferred cover or print.

Cover Druckstudio Download

Cover Print Studio provides predefined dimensions for various standard Cases

Those who would like to spice burned CDs or DVDs with a chic custom labels, has a useful little helper with the cover Druckstudio download at hand. The freeware provides predefined dimensions for various standard cases and offers convenient techniques for the integration of front and back images. The sizes of the images are automatically adjusted. The finished cover is printed and cut out and continues to stand as a depositor for the gift to friends or relatives available. Also useful are the Wizard finished cover of game CDs, data CDs, audio and video CDs, Playstation & Co. Additional print programs for CD and DVD covers are available in our software catalog for free download.

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Cover Druckstudio Download Editor's Rating