Ocam 2023


Of the Ocam download captures screenshots and videos. The freeware offers a variety of ways to accommodate the events on the desktop comfortable.

Screenshots and videos hold via Ocam Download

The operation of Ocam is quite simple and done via a small user bar in the foreground. A green rectangle denotes the provided for the receiving portion. Alternatively, window and full screen can be captured. The images are stored in a predetermined folder.

Ocam cares not just about screen shots, but also takes video clips from the desktop happening on. Especially for documentation and tutorials, the freeware is quite good, to explain step by step approach. Also accompanying sound recordings represent the freeware before no problems.

Ocam download

Ocam is a useful little tool for taking screenshots and desktop video. Movies can be saved in common formats, while also determine the quality even with the Screen Recorder. Useful is the ability to use shortcuts for all functions.

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