WhatsApp live location disable Protect & Data 2023

WhatsApp live location disable Protect & Data

You do not want that your contacts know where you just aufhaltet you and ask you how her disable WhatsApp live location can? Then you should continue!

As of October 2017, the live location feature is integrated into the current download of WhatsApp for Android or iOS – whether you want to or not.

Do you have to disable the WhatsApp live location?

No, you do not have to. The location is not automatically passed on to all of your contacts. You must actively start the feature, and share with selected contacts or within groups. From monitoring by friends or even the jealous partner therefore out of the question. You do not have extra-clear as the WhatsApp live site. If you still do not trust the new feature, you can store the passing directly from the main menu of your mobile phones off. This has the advantage that data leeches like Google or Facebook can not tracken your whereabouts; because these applications offer similar features on their deactivation you can inform you at the end of the article.

disable WhatsApp live locationcan the WhatsApp live site clear? (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

How does the live location and the data is safe?

According WhatsApp also the transmission of data for the live location of the end-to-end encryption is subject. Thus, it is not even WhatsApp even possible to access your location. In addition, the transfer of data is limited. Users can choose whether they want to share their whereabouts for 15 minutes, one hour or eight hours. There is also to stop the transmission manually option. Will you use the tool, you will find the opportunity to do so in the desired conversation or group in the menu behind the paperclip under Location and live site.

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WhatsApp live location disable ScreenshotIf you want to ship your WhatsApp live site, you will find all the options here. (Fig. WhatsApp Inc.)

So you protect your location data from Google

Even if it is not necessary to deactivate the WhatsApp live site, there are a few apps where you should do it. Most notably Google Maps, because this tool generates detailed movement profiles. Once your Maps uses and has not read carefully in releasing permissions, and then the tool can access, Location History is enabled. This records all places where You were with date, time and length of stay on. Photos from the Google Cloud assigns the tool to their location. Our article “disable Datenkrake immediately: Google Location History” suggests, we put an end to the activities you by Google.

disable WhatsApp live site GoogleFor example, data collected under Google Maps deleted. (Screenshot: Editorial)

So your site will remain private on Facebook

Similarly interested displays your data to another app: Facebook has with the functions of places near and friends near two features that also access your location. You can find these functions a little further down in the main menu (the three horizontal lines above right). Can you disable nearby friends directly; missing the opportunity for the local option. Unfortunately, Facebook does not allow you to turn off this feature. It only helps in the global settings of your phone to withdraw the app permission to location sharing. Opens to the main menu and the settings, the location option (Android) and privacy and location services. Here all the apps appear with the permission to access your location. Now select Facebook and disable this permission. If necessary, the application to reinstall, and in the factory version.

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