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With the animal sounds Download small children get to know not only the typical sounds of the most popular animals, but they are also trained in the mouse use. The freeware plays with a mouse click one of twelve animal sounds from. Own pictures and sounds can thereby be deposited by the parents.

Animal Sounds Download as instructive Toddlers Entertainment

This small freeware utility animal voices arose initially in private for the daughter of the author as instructive toddlers entertainment. A mouse click, the program plays typical noise known animals from. Its own library with 12 images and sounds can be used here. The author has this thought of protecting your computer from children's hands and built a keypad lock.

Animal sounds of dog, cat, sheep and horse

The following twelve animal sounds are Animal sounds Download includes: lion, duck, cat, horse, owl, donkey, rooster, goose, sheep, pig, dog and cow. By clicking on one of the large buttons, a woof or meow from the speaker sounds at once, for example. Operation can also be made by Space or Enter. Each time you press it will sound a new animal sound. The automatic playback of all sounds is also possible. To do this, click All games.

Autoplay feature with the enter button

The Button Autoplay is defined as the standard in the freeware and is activated by pressing the Enter key. the next animal sound or the same one more time will be played depending on the setting.

Animal sounds Download

The shuffle function provides a random order

Useful is the keyboard lock. So the toddler can even click to your heart's content without any damage to the data of the computer can be done. To lock the keypad according to the manufacturer, the function of a keylogger is used. All keystrokes are thus caught, but not cached. Per shuffle feature a change of order of the images and sounds resulting from the reboot. This function can be switched off under Settings menu.

use your own images and animal sounds

A Using your own pictures and sounds is possible. To replace the existing animal sounds with your own, use parents BMP files with graphics and audio files in WAV format with the sounds. First, you put the program folder to a subfolder named FILES. Land there, the pictures and sounds for the audio files, the user needs to use each as for the image files have the same name, so for example papagei.bmp and papagei.wav. In addition, another picture with the name can be created papagei_.bmp, which can be seen by clicking. Thus, for example contrast images can be used. External images are generally preferred over the internal. In the menu library this can "just intern" are favored. If no valid twelve picture and sound pairs in the Files folder are included, it is filled with the internal. Other educational games for children are available for free download in our software offering.

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