The Sims Social

The Sims Social

thanks to The Sims Social Download The popular pixel people lead their lives now on Facebook. Setting up house, maintain hobbies and friendships and take virtual appointments, all proceeds also within the social network.

The Sims Social Download as Facebook game

Here, The Sims Social is not fundamentally different from its big desktop model The Sims. After starting the Facebook app you find yourself in a rather sparsely furnished virtual home to which would be gradually filled with personal equipment. And there are like in real life, of course, not for nothing, but at face value …

The Sims Social DownloadThe Sims Social Download as Facebook game

The same applies to the energy which need the avatars in The Sims Social to cope with everyday life. Corresponding points are awarded after an appropriate regeneration phase, through an exchange with his friends and even prosaic by buying the Sims Store.

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