Of the Hamachi download creates a virtual network connection over the Internet. For example, network games on the Internet can gamble with friends and on top of that a chat is integrated. Besides Hamachi allows access to their own resources, such as printers, webcams and files via Windows network share. The complete connection is secured by SSL encryption against unauthorized access. What sounds complicated, it is. But LogMeIn Hamachi makes dealing with the complex issue VPN tunnel conceivable beginner-friendly.

Hamachi download, license and installation

One thing first: If we look for Hamachi on the Internet, you get a lot of information about premium versions of LogMeIn Hamachi, the seemingly merge several topics and mostly relate to the Hamachi remote maintenance solution. The offered here Hamachi Download brings the LogMeIn Hamachi VPN client on the PC. The client is the free version of the VPN software with which you can connect up to five computers to connect to a virtual LAN free. After installing Hamachi first asks for a name for your own computer. If you have entered this starts a functional test and you can get started with the networks.

Setting up VPN with Hamachi

The freeware VPN client LogMeIn Hamachi is located in terms of handling just easy to care for, especially considering what’s behind a tunnel actually put on an elaborate technology. Hamachi allows users from time to feel exactly nothing and provides after functional test exactly two self-explanatory buttons: Create a new network and join an existing network. So to gamble with friends, for example, an old network classics such as Starcraft, Warcraft, Heroes, Counter Strike, or even the current Minecraft, it agreed a network name and password. One of the participants created the network and assigns his credentials. As a rule, probably created a client-managed network in which only the creator of any adjustments can make here. An additional setup, however, is usually not necessary, many other parameters can be adjusted even if here. Practical: Even if the creator of the network leaves the LAN party, the network remains intact and can still be used.

Hamachi download

More functions: Create Managed Networks

In contrast to client-based network are managed networks only after creating an account on the Hamachi site to disposal. The advantage of this type of VPN on the one hand more options and also centralized management via the website. Increases the creator of the virtual LAN party from the tunnel can – provided a login – are administered by other participants via the web interface.

Hamachi Download management via web interface

also available via the web interface different network interface cards (topologies) to choose from:

  • meshed networkAll network members have access to any PC VPN
  • stroke & Spoke: Via the admin interface can be determined which member gets access to which PC
  • gatewayAre participants in the VPN additionally connected to a local network, the other VPN members will also receive access to this LAN (does not work with domains)

It also determined centrally for all members of the network here, as are many settings in connected Hamachi VPN clients. To invite new users, VPN administrators create comfortable also an e-mail with the link of Hamachi downloads. To send the mail a default mail program must be defined in Windows.

join a VPN

To join a VPN, first Hamachi download and installation will be necessary as described above. Then you click on existing network to join the network name and password are, and away you go.

Join Hamachi Download existing network

The network and the connected party are displayed immediately after Join. To chat with other participants or to access network shares, satisfies a right click on the respective VPN customer and the selection of the corresponding point. In addition, a group chat with all participants is available by right-clicking on the network to be available.

exchange Hamachi Download chatting and files

Additional settings in LogMeIn Hamachi

In addition to the network settings in the Web interface, users also affect various parameters via system -> Settings directly in the program. Here’s own name is about set and configure whether new network members are blocked by default. In addition, chat, encryption, and automatic updates will be disabled if desired here and switched data compression. Although it takes a little more system resources, but saves in data transfer – handy for users of a data line with limited traffic. About the Advanced Settings point a lot also are details such as the connection through a proxy server, the configuration ready.

Limitations of Hamachi

free only for personal use.