Ps Mau Mau

Ps Mau Mau

ps Mau Mau Download brings the classic card game for young and old on the computer. The freeware offers games against the computer or up to four human players.

The Mau Mau download provides entertaining card games on the PC

Ps Mau Mau does not change the basic system of the card game. The aim is also to get rid of all your cards as possible from the other players. Players can unsubscribe games against up to three computer players or compete against other players on the network. The rules can be adapted to many local variants rather freely. Covers, playing cards and speakers can be replaced, adjust the background by color and image. Alternatively, you can use your own background image.

Mau Mau Download

Mau Mau game against computer opponents or network

After the Mau Mau download and install the player faces a simple, green card table on which the competitors Ernst D. life, Lotte Rie and Mona Tejang sit. Click on F2 to start the Mau Mau game and first reaches the game settings. There, the player indicates whether he wants to play against computer opponents or join a network game. Alternatively, it can act as a dealer in the network or only look at a demo of the game. The cards are now mixed. Who is each turn, shows a blue arrow. A speech commenting on the main card. For example, if an eight comes into play, is a clear "expose" to hear the computer voice.

get rid of your own maps as quickly as possible

Target of Mau Mau is to get rid of all your cards as possible from the other players. Each participant receives beginning of the game according to the setting 5 or 6 playing cards on hand. A single card is placed in the middle of the table, the rest forms the floor. Players now successively try to place each one of their cards to the uppermost. This is only allowed if it is a card with the same value (Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Jack, Queen, King, Ace) or the same color (diamonds, hearts, spades, clubs) is. Who does not have a suitable card in his hand must draw the top card-floor. If this is empty, the already discarded cards are shuffled and re-laid. As the winner of a lot, who was the first out of cards in his hand.

Individual Mau Mau rules can be set

Entertainment is provided by a number of special rules. Those who place a seven on the table, annoys the following players especially because he can not put a card on it easily, but two must draw from the floor. However, if he has a seven in his paper, he can pass the mishap to the next player and even double. In an eight the next player must sit out and about next turn comes. Who puts a boy on the table is allowed to select the color with which the game continues next. The boys should be placed on each card there, whether the color matches or not. Mau Mau is played in several variants. Therefore are settings ready to act according to the usual rules.

Mau Mau Download game variants

Credits and bonus systems to be customized

At the end of each game will be settled and the playing cards usually evaluated according to the following pattern: Seven = 1, 2 = Eight, Nine = 3, Ten = 4, Queen = 5, King = 6, s = 11, Jack = 20th The winner will receive the sum of the values ​​of all cards as credit, have the players still in the hand. You can play until in a game only one player is left and will be considered a loser. The game score can be adjusted. This is done by evaluating the individual cards and various bonus systems. In the settings can be selected when a complete Mau Mau game is over, for example, when a specified number of matches has been completed or a player reaches an agreed number of points or exceeded. More entertaining card games are available for free download in our software offering.