Beat the Boss 4

Beat the Boss 4

The boss sucks again right? Before going furiously into your evening, you download the Beat the Boss 4 App down, beat up his boss and everything is fine again. The game is the perfect outlet to let off steam. Hundreds of different weapons and Customize variants and the multiplayer mode round out the fun.

Beat the Boss 4 app: reducing aggression for a rainy day

These days we have all heard: The boss makes again one of disgust package or increases the pressure among employees in order to stand as a model boy in front of his superiors themselves. Maybe he has a reason also folded or even worse – fired. At these working days anything you could wish for but more than to revenge. The famous Hollywood movie Horrible Bosses, in which the genus boss got away not at all well, has already shown the way. Since being a spectator, in the long run is boring, the developers of the Canadian company Game Hive Corporation have made it into a game. How well the gameplay arrives at the users can read in the stores and forums – see especially in the publication of this part though. So it is, in fact as early as the Beat the Boss 4 app version.

Beat the Boss 4 AppBeat the Boss 4 app – the game goes into verte round

The game is available to us as Android and iOS version. The download is free and released for users 16 years and older. One should also note that are offered in the game in-app purchases that have a price range of about 1.50 euros to 106 euros.

Beat the Boss 4 Android: Revenge is sweet – and versatile!

Those who have already gambled the predecessor of the game, knows what he can expect from the game. For all newcomers, the principle is easily explained: the user gets an incredible number of options at hand, so right to spank his boss times the Po. It can simulate all scenarios and tidy off steam. Here, the imaginary victim need not necessarily be the boss. Even if you are mad at times a colleague, friend or stranger, you can react super 4 Android Game in the Beat the Boss.

This is what the game around 10 cards with 30 interactive phases. Also new is that you can play in multiplayer mode.

Beat the Boss 4 app weaponsMore than 180 very creative weapons for the Boss Revenge

A paradise of weapons

For variety, especially the incredibly creative selection of over 130 weapons makes in the game. In addition to standard combat equipment there are drills, saws, swords, a fly swatter, paintball gun, pies and many more.

In addition, the players in Beat the Boss 4 can make its targets according to their own ideas. More than 180 individual bosses can be personalized with clothing and accessories. To see how the boss turned into a figure of fun, is already a lot of fun.