WhatsApp notification when someone goes online? 2023

WhatsApp notification when someone goes online?

Always stay up to date, thanks to a WhatsApp notification when someone goes online? We have all the important facts about this mysterious function. learn more here!

WhatsApp notification when someone goes onlineIs there a WhatsApp notification when someone goes online? (Picture: WhatsApp / Editorial)

Update of 30 March 2017:

What with the Monitor download it even easier to get a WhatsApp notification when someone goes online. The tool provides information even on the lock screen via push notification when a number opened Messenger. This works even if the contact has hidden the time stamp or if one was blocked.

In addition, the free app records all online times its number. The tool itself is free and can be tested for two days free for a number. Following the test phase, the WhatsApp monitoring kanpp three euros per month and phone number costs.

WhatsApp notification when someone goes onlineWhat Monitor WhatsApp offers a notification when someone goes online. (Image: Max Globe / Editorial)

Original Article from March 8, 2017

Is there a WhatsApp notification when someone goes online?

In fact, the function was originally WhatsApp Plus and can now be activated with the follow download GBWhatsApp.

Is it not strange that certain contact shortly after you yourself angeschmissen the Messenger, WhatsApp are online? Can that be a coincidence? Maybe; is more likely, however, that this contact GBWhatsApp uses. An alternative client with which WhatsApp can use with advanced features – including a WhatsApp notification when someone goes online. The original Messenger WhatsApp itself does not have this setting namely.

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Be careful when using GBWhatsApp

However, WhatsApp does not see the use of alternative app like. It happened again and again that user accounts that have used third-party, were banned. Although the developers of GBWhatsApp that the use of their tools successes completely anonymously – one hundred percent security, however, there is not. The installation and use of GBWhatsApp so at your own risk. Preliminary However, you should create a backup WhatsApp to secure his conversations. How to do that betrays our products.

Should enable online notification?

you want to own the other hand, a WhatsApp notification when someone goes online, you should ask in advance whether the does not violate the privacy of others. Ultimately, everyone is free when and with whom he likes to communicate. If you still feel the need to stalk others, it would be more appropriate to ask why they cherish a such a heightened interest in the chat behavior of other people themselves. The answer to the question is clear: no! – Especially the use of GBWhatsApp (as already mentioned) not without risk. But after all Moralapostelei there for all Stalker heart still a hint:

Tracking of the chat behavior of contacts

WhatsApp has made two major security adjustments with recent updates: The end-to-end encryption and two-factor Identifizieung. Unaffected or only partly protected these privacy data:

  • Online status
  • Profile picture
  • status
  • And ironically, the privacy settings

Changes when a user account of one of these four points can be not only tracken but also evaluate comfortable. To download a tool called WhatsSpy public is needed. The web application enables detailed statistics WhatsApp usage behavior of any accounts. However, the story has a hook or more:

  • You need a gerootetes smartphone or an iPhone with Jailbreak.
  • The used for tracking WhatsApp account can be used during the “recording” of the user data itself is not.
  • Another prerequisite is knowledge of PHP.
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For more information of how to install the tool, can be found on the above-linked product page.

WhatsApp notification when someone goes online trackingWhatsSpy Public will track the WhatsApp behavior and evaluates it the same. (Picture: Maikel Zweerink)