Virtual Garden

Virtual Garden

Of the Virtual Garden Download suitable as a desktop Gartenplaner awarded for your own garden design. Avid gardeners can realize the free Gartenplaner many garden ideas and plan such as a rock garden, a front garden and other gardens.

plan the dream garden on the PC with the Virtual Garden Download

With Virtual Garden gardeners realize their dream garden on the PC and celebrate this virtually in a 3D view before they make themselves out to the real gardening. The virtual garden can gradually be equipped with their own favorite plants. Countless creative planting ideas are available, of which garden lovers can draw inspiration.

Virtual Garden DownloadWith Virtual Garden Download your own dream garden on the PC plan (Picture: editorial)

enter newly planned garden in a 3D view

Virtual Garden has lots of interesting design possibilities for creating a private garden directly on the PC. First, the user draws on the shape of the desired garden, by selecting in the first step, the maximum width and length of the private gardens, and indicates a limit und.danach as a fence, a fence or a wall. Now he is looking for the suitable floor coverings such as stone floors and wood flooring or adds a pond.

A variety of plants, shrubs and trees are organized by category willing to enrich the garden. There are also accessories such as garden sheds, garden furniture, a pergola, a barbecue and garden tools of all kinds, which can be found under the headings Landscape and Object. Even a well can be included in the plans. Particularly enlightening and exciting to enter the newly created garden afterwards in a 3D view.

The garden designs can be saved

Those who want to access the garden ideas, click after the Virtual Garden Download the Start menu, open a template garden and uses one of the pre-made templates garden. An English tutorial also is available as a guide for the hobby gardener. The garden designs can be saved at any time and reload to work on. For this, the hobby gardeners clicks open a saved garden.

Virtual Garden Download TemplatesAlternatively, use ready-made template or garden new garden free plan (Picture: editorial)

plant flowers, shrubs and trees with the mouse in the virtual garden

The garden planner chooses to the right of the flowers, shrubs, trees from which he wants to plant in his garden, and simply puts it to the desired location in the virtual garden. Each time he can examine how they come into his garden to bear by clicking on View in 3D. The individual planting steps can be undone by Undo button and remove with Remove all Plants on request all plants out of the garden plan. Many more Gartenplaner for free download are available in our software catalog.

Virtual Garden Download 3DThe new garden in the 3D view (Picture: editorial)