With the Descent download is one of the classics from the "good old days" to the PC. In a space plane, the player floating through endless underground tunnels in order to further against opponents to defend.

Descent Download brings classic shooter to the PC

In the known FPS’s mission is clear: Alien robots that have taken root in the mines must be eliminated. In addition, the player must free the captive allies of the mines and make the main reactors in the mines to the ground. As is common for popular shooter game software, so there is no tangled, multi-layered storylines. The player simply sets out to save the world and destroyed in the process as many enemies as possible.

Descent download

This sounds at first glance easy: However, you are fighting in Descent download directly opposite Several types of opponentsFirstly we’ll meet numerically far superior bot opponents opposite, on the other hand we must the not lose orientation. The latter is sometimes the stronger opponents, since you by many abrupt, seemingly arbitrary change of direction frequently have to think hard first before you sense again where to go.

Even more Shooten in the second part of Descent

The provided here second flight simulation adventure Descent 2 continues the mission is in principle only. Unlike the first part Descent 2 is simply faster, wider and bigger to the PC. First, the number of playable levels was increased to 30 levels. Six of these levels are secret otherwise. Secondly, the entire game world has been extended by a further distances. Now the player must jet through interstellar space, as he turns off his opponents. Thanks warp drive but that’s no problem. In addition, the player can now make his way through doors and force fields, obtains a Variety of new weapons and get a robot to his side that resembles a Beagle.

Descent Download weapons

Shooter gets new dangerous enemy

In many ways, the second part of the Descent Downloads has only been extended. Not so with the opponents. The counterparty from part one were taken completely out of the game and replaced by new ones. These are, of course – as the player himself also – much stronger and smarter. So there are robots that were trained for specific tasks, including the stealing of weapons or kamikaze attacks. Added to this is that the optimized artificial intelligence the opponents to enabled to develop strategies. Boring it is not with these enemies definitely.