BPM counter

BPM counter

Of the Download BPM Counter measures the speed of music tracks in BPM (beats per minute). Music lovers feel with the little freeware tool of music on the pulse and count on running in the background music tracks even the clock.

With the BPM counter measure download the song tempo of musical piece

A reliable BPM counter facilitates sound technicians, music mixers and audio hobbyists on your own PC the handling of audio material. It recognizes the song tempo in so-called beats per minute at tracks. The Download BPM counter provides DJs with helpful hints such as your music collection mates beat-technical. The principle is simple: When listening to songs you tap on any button in time with and the small, free tool outputs the speed. The small inaccuracy that it causes the user through inexact Tap is automatically neglected and the average indicated.

In techno tracks the beats per minute rise to around 160

A little shop talk: With BPM, the audible beats per minute are called corresponding quarter notes usually in cycles as 4/4, 3/4, 2/4. By contrast, 12.8 three-eighths apply to composite measures such as 6/8, 9/8, as a beat. In hip-hop or rap the BPM range is about 60 to 110 beats per minute, with house and trance at 120 to 150 and hardcore techno tracks it is expected to be again a bit upwards and the BMP climbs in the area of more than 160 beats.

Download BPM Counter

BPM counter as a mandatory download for disc jockeys and music mixer

Profesional Disc jockeys have in the choice of music for the dance floor, especially the beat in the eye, as it dictates the speed of a track. Based on the beats per minute of the music lover can find out good as the pieces of music collection harmonize beat-technical. Also for Music Mixer it is of great importance, such as tracks fit together in terms of speed. Two pieces of music can only be connected sense if their speed is similar.

With the BPM counter count the beat of the music

The easiest way to measure the numerical BPM of songs, the BMP-counter. An installation of the freeware is not necessary. After starting the music lover looks at a small, colorful box asking "Here we go!", The keyboard is used as a clock. The user can use any keys to mitzutippen the rhythm of the current music. The window of the average of the beats is issued with each key press, the course is constantly changing, before he settles reliable. is once again the exact BPM value to see including decimal place left. That’s it – much more there is to report to the BMP-counter. No settings, no menus, no other functions. The freeware program is limited solely to his task of recording the speed of music. Numerous other audio tools for free download can be found in our software offering.

BPM counter download operation