Agario: cheats, strategies, tips and tricks

Agario: cheats, strategies, tips and tricks

Looking for Agario Cheats? There are all strategies and tips in order to catapult to the top of the highscore list of the long-running!

Whether in the office or on a home computer: In the meantime, all PCs are infected with the colorful cells. And the epidemic is spreading! Meanwhile, there is the cult game Agario for Android to download. So users can also go chasing colorful cells – or flee from them.

Agario Cheats

Agario Cheats – what’s behind it?

Again and again on the net Agario cheats and hacks. They promise the user to move at a higher speed across the screen to grow twice or invisible mode. But bring all offers of this kind rather harmful goods to the PC to provide as the gamer benefits. So attempting it! Who still wants to emerge from the colorful cell tangle as the winner, should try the following strategies and tricks:

find the perfect server

In order to play as fast and agile, gamers should make a strategic decision before beginning: which server they choose. This setting can be found hidden behind the gear under the field of nicknames. Therefore Europe for our latitudes should be selected.

hide behind viruses

As a small cell one is faster than large cells, although this one coming now and then dangerously close. one is near a jagged virus can hide behind this. Viruses, cells can divide a certain size in fact only.

lure opponents into a trap

Behind viruses players can not only hide. They can also be used to attract larger opponents into the trap. Caught the virus the opponent, the divided cells can be added to your own growth.

Agario Cheats viruses

Speed ​​by division

Beyond a certain size, the cells are quite slow and inflexible. At critical moments it helps then to simply split the cell. For this you press the space bar in browser game in the app you can reach the same effect if you tap on the% symbol.

use clever corners

As the game field is limited, corners are a particular strategic challenge. In short, as a small, nimble cell should as far as possible avoid corners, because they can be quickly becomes a trap when a correspondingly large cell placed in front of it. Conversely, players can once they reach a certain size, smaller cells with exactly this tactic spoil the fun.

Anna K.

Conclusion of Anna K.

Although Agario cheats are a myth, with these tips should easily make it to the top of the high score list players. Those who want to play this game in an individual layout, learn here how to change the skins in Agario.