Waipu.tv app

Waipu.tv app

Update of 14 December 2016: There is something new from the Waipu.tv app and providers Exaring – and twice: So, users will immediately with eoTV HD, a new free-TV channels available, the exclusive is available through the service. In addition, an app for the Amazon Fire TV will be released in the first quarter of 2017th

New channels and new broadcast channel for Waipu.tv app

"eo" stands for "European Originals": The sender will appeal especially fans of European series and feature films, bringing classic and free-TV premieres the program. Amongst other things "Live on Mars" and "The hunger" are already there. By the way, is the transmitter eoTV which was originally represented as a program window when children and family channel Ric and now comes up on Waipu.tv with a 24-hour program, under the management of former ProSiebenSat.1 CEO Jürgen Hörner. New in the case of problems with the recording and pause at the stations of his old company does not yet exist, however. However, users get a credit, according Exaring.

In the first quarter also the Amazon Fire TV app will finally be released, which was originally announced for the end of the year. From December 15, but there is already a beta version for testing. Record and pause but will not function in total from the final version.

Waipu.tv app

Update of 8 November 2016: The live TV providers Exaring comes with a new version of its Waipu.tv app therefore. Version 1.6 now also enables tablet and Android TV users to access the program via fiber. This expands the number of possible devices significantly. In addition, minor bugs have been fixed, as the re-registration of users. Apps for Apple TV and Amazon’s Fire TV also will follow by the end of the year. However, the problem with the recording and pause function of ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE described below persists. Man working on a solution, it’s part Exaring.

Update of 20 October 2016: The provider of the Waipu.tv app Exaring, has announced that the scope of use of the service must be initially somewhat limited due to unforeseen legal problems. Specifically, the developer is forced to turn off the recording and pause for ProSieben ProSieben MAXX, Sat.1, Sat.1 Gold, kabel eins and sixx preliminary. but the company’m already in contact with ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE and working on a solution. The customer, it is said, will know when these services for the specified transmitter work again. For all other channels recording and pause are however still possible without restrictions.

Original of 5 October 2016: Television is dead, long live television! Contrary to the different predictions about the decline of traditional TVs, developers Exaring has set itself the goal of developing a fusion of television and online services. The result is the Waipu.tv app.

Live TV on phone and TV with the Waipu.tv app

Football, news, or the latest crime scene – with the Waipu.tv app can all TV stations view the stream, even on request in HD quality. Interestingly, this IP-based TV deal especially for people could be who have not used DVB-T, but want to look to an early launch of DVB-T2 for alternatives.

The transfer of the program takes place, however, via a fiber optic cable network that runs on almost 12 000 kilometers across Germany and is connected to all Internet nodes, the TV data does not have to pass through these nodes and other bottlenecks. The transfer should therefore run as stable as a cable connection. According to the supplier Exaring 98 percent of all households with Internet are connected to it. In principle content in 4K or even 8K are therefore even possible.

The principle of the IP TV has been around longer, other providers such as Telekom also work with it. With the new range of Exaring however, is the first fully integrated platform for this service. Set-stop boxes are not necessary. You only need an Internet connection with at least 16 000 Mbit / second and the Waipu.tv app for Android or iOS – at least for the stream on your phone. Who wants to watch programs on the TV, still needs a Chromecast or a smart TV. The connection to Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV currently in the works.

Waipu.tv App Channel overviewA program guide and the current overview of all programs is already integrated.

Easy to use the app

After calling the app and registration starts directly ARD stream – but it can also choose other channels. The interesting thing is that the programs can be selected either in an overview, which also acts as a program guide, but can also be adjusted by wiping. This so-called waipen gives the app its name. A remote for the TV is so unnecessary. The volume can be changed with the smartphone.

There is also the ability to easily record programs with one click and store favorites in their own library. Who needs a break just because the pizza delivery service is or urge to urinate, need not wait for the advertising, but can simply stop the transfer and continue at the same point later.

Also disagreements over the TV program belong to the past, because on TV and smartphone offers these shipments stream. And who even does not know what to look at, get recommendations on the waipu.tv app that are created based on previously watched programs.

Waipu.tv app easy operationzap through the channels is very simple: You just swipe right or left – or "waipen",

various Abomöglichkeiten

Who wants to use the Waipu.tv app has several options. The Comfort package with 4.99 euros a month, the favorable variant – the first 30 days are free. The Perfect edition can be had for 14.99 euros per month. Together, both versions feature

  • Access to more than 50 transmitter
  • Receiving memory (varies in size: 10 Hours online storage for Comfort 50 hours for Perfect)
  • Pause function
  • monthly cancellation option

Users of Perfect version can use the content in addition to stream in HD so mobile. For Comfort version as well as individual options can be zubuchen.

Who meet the public programs, but can also service free use.
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