At the Audacity download is it is a free audio editor and recorder who has long considered by audiophiles as an insider tip. Music freaks mix with the freeware on any number of tracks Audio files and edit them.

Audacity download for exceptional sound effects

The sound editor and converter comes up with a number of Effects and filters in addition to VST support. Hundreds of filters and sound effects and effect plug-ins, available after the Audacity available for download, including amending pitch or for adding echo and compression. Other filters are used for the reduction of environmental noise, and for the repair of audio files.

Audacity download

Sophisticated audio editor and recorder with recording function

The free sound studio to record, edit and play audio files supported among other formats Ogg Vorbis, MP3, AIFF, AU, VOC, FLAC and WAV. Even if it is in Audacity to any audio sequencer, can be import and graphically display MIDI files. The advanced audio editor and recorder contains a useful recording function. This keeps audio signals of all types and stores them on the hard drive.

record record collection and spice

Audacity is recording, cuts, mixes, alienated and restored audio – so you peps example the old record collection on. But of course, the tool can also simply for convenient Process of transferring music be used. Either way, the installation of the LAME is necessary for the use and processing of MP3.

Audacity recording Download

adjust speed and pitch with Audacity

Audacity edit edit audio files in various ways. So, for example, speed and pitch can be adapted, frequencies emphasize filter and much more. In the download area a link to the LADSPA plugin pack is now available, over 90 free plugins for Audacity contains. Here are useful tools for removing extraneous noise is available, as well as funny sound gimmicks like Retro Flanger etc.

Interface for VST plug-ins

is really interesting the Audacity download for users of VST plug-ins. The available also in the download area VST Enabler ensures that Audacity VST talks. The VST interface is the most widely used interface for audio plugins under Windows. are the VST Enabler has just unpacked and copied to the plugins directory of Audacity, have the access to professional plug-ins opened in abundance.

Audacity download Effects

Automatic search for song tempo

But the editor also controls automatically finding the song tempo or unlimited undo executed actions &# 45; practically! Friends elaborate and brilliant user interfaces come with Audacity not their money – Trailer extensive free audio software does.

Audacity download Sync Lock

Interesting features audiophile natures

Audiophile natures are pleased with tone generators for white, pink and brown noise, swept sine, square, sawtooth signals, DTMF tones, metronome click, etc. More interesting features for music freaks are the time track for adjusting the playback rate and the display of the digital audio tracks optionally as linear or logarithmic waveform, spectrogram or pitch. The free audio editor accepts audio files in parallel on, edit and play them back. Sources such as a microphone or streaming from the Internet. The Sync Lock function holding two audio tracks during processing automatically synchronously.

Free recording studio with a clear surface

So it is possible to mix music pieces, to provide them with sound effects or change the playback speed. With the noise and noise filter disturbances are filtered out easily. Mouse and drag & Drop cuts the music lover parts from audio files out and adds them elsewhere again.