Paragon Alignment Tool

The Paragon Alignment Tool checks the alignment of partitions and reorients in unfavorable partition boundaries. With the helper, the performance of SSDs can be increased by up to 200 percent. Paragon Alignment Tool scans after starting the system off after installed disks. Here, the tool automatically checks to see if the partitions are on or optimally aligned the disks or SSDs to the sector boundaries. Paragon Alignment Tool finds an unfavorable alignment, the software adjusts the partition boundary to wish to the optimal values. Practical: When moving and re-aligning the partition existing data will not be lost. According to the manufacturer Paragon Alignment Tool is the only tool that correctly aligns partitions in a single operation. The plates tuning not only makes for solid state disks sense, but also for hard drives with high storage capacity and a sector size of 4 kilobytes.