Lucas Chess

Lucas Chess

At the Lucas Chess Download is this is an excellent, motivating chess tutorial. With the freeware the friend of the royal game can specifically improve your play, learn and solve problems openings and positions.

Play chess on the PC with the Lucas Chess Download

Lucas Chess appeals to the chess beginners and recreational players and experienced tournament players. Several chess engines of different levels are thereby available as a playing partner and coach. The freeware is desired on a personal training program that applies to complete it. Whoever succeeds, can compete with the next strongest chess engine, respectively. When training with Lucas Chess any chess engine acts as a tutor, verified the own moves, makes Move feature and gives warnings in stark errors. Even the look of white chess training tool to please. The surface can also be adapted to your own taste as the characters and colors of the chess board. The games played can save the chess friend. The freeware supports the most popular formats such as PGN and FEN.

Lucas Chess Download

Chess tutorial Lucas Chess is a great way to specifically improve your play. Matt tasks and various position problems are available. The freeware knows how sent to awaken their own training and competition ambition.