teleboy app

teleboy app

The teleboy app for Android and iOS provides free access to over 100 TV channels. In addition, the Swiss TV app with a TV Guide, TV editorial tips, a recording and download function scores.

teleboy appSwiss TV Streaming with the Teleboy app. (Image: Future TV AG)

also stream free private stations with the Teleboy app

Is it difficult to Deuschland free to stream private broadcasters, the situation in Switzerland is more relaxed. Here, RTL, Sat 1, ProSieben or can stream completely free: And with the Teleboy app goes even mobile on your smartphone or tablet. Here, users can also receive French-language channels and a wide range of thematic channels in addition to Swiss broadcasters. In addition, almost all German private channels and over one hundred channels available free of charge:

Teleboy app transmitterAll Teleboy app channels at a glance. (Image: Future TV AG)

However, for receiving an internet connection with at least 5 Mbit / s s required for SD-transmitter and 10 Mbit / for HD transmitter.

No reception in Germany

As tempting as the offer is to stream for free RTL, ProSieben and Co., The thing has a hook. For licensing reasons, the reception via Teleboy app is not possible.

After all, the geoblocking can be easily circumvented by, for example, a VPN tool such as the Opera VPN app is downloaded. The application bypasses the usual countries locks while offering safe as anonymous surfing on the smartphone. However Teleboy can then be opened in the appropriate browser and used just as well. Especially on mobile devices that is rather unwieldy.

Teleboy app with Opera VPNOpera VPN obscures the actual Aufenhaltsort on mobile devices. (Image: Opera Software ASA)

Those who want to use the app in Germany, should download the Fake GPS app. The free application allows you to manipulate the GPS data on the mobile device and, so to speak virtual beam to Switzerland. However, both variants violated the Terms and Conditions of the provider, which can lead to a ban of the account.

Teleboy app Fake GPSuse the Teleboy app Fake GPS in Germany. (Picture: Incorporate Apps)

The premium packages from Teleboy: Costs and Benefits

The Swiss Internet TV provider offers the free basic version at three different add-on options, particularly among the recording memory can be expanded and also broadcasts can still be accessed seven days after the actual broadcast. In addition, a complete package of high-speed internet and flat all premium features are offered with Teleboy Home. Here are the packages and options include:

Teleboy app packagesThe various Teleboy app packages at a glance. (Image: Future TV AG)