give to the Deezer Music voucher: How to

give to the Deezer Music voucher: How to

Looking for a musical gift? We show how to make a Deezer voucher gets what options are available and how easy it redeems him. read now and give music!

What records and later CDs were in the distant past, today the music streaming services are. The user has access to millions of songs, different genres and decades. But not only the wide range speaks for itself, music can with mobile applications such as downloading the Deezer app now – wherever and whenever you want – to be enjoyed.

Update January 19, 2017:

Buy now Deezer voucher at Lidl and save money!

With Lidl You discounters has the cost of streaming service greatly reduced. Instead of 9.99 euros per month will cost the Deezer subscription only 7.99 euros for 30 days. The prepaid cards are available in all Lidl stores and easily online or redeemed via app – without specification of payment data or a binding contract! The perfect gift for all music lovers!

Original article from the April 5, 2016

Deezer voucherDeezer shopping voucher and redeem – both are made online

Deezer voucher: A sonorous gift

While we used to like to time wasted on birthdays a CD of your favorite band, you would today thus probably cause only a cramped smile at the recipient. Finally, music is still available digitally – thanks to countless music streaming services. In addition to Google and Apple Music especially Spotify and Deezer have made a name. Even if music can perhaps no longer be presented as a beautifully wrapped gift haptic, there are still ways to give away music. Like other services also, Deezer offers for different gift cards. Who wants to make a friend or family member a musical delight – Here you go – here’s how:

purchase vouchers Deezer online

The streaming service offers its customers three different gift cards. So you can buy his friends a Musikflatrate for three months, six months or even a year. Whosoever decides to give away a voucher Deezer, but gets them only on the Internet. In stores, the cards are now we have not offered. And so it’ll work:

  • First, the user goes to the home of the music streaming service. There you first log in with their account. Previously, anyone who has no account must register. Fortunately, the form is kept small and thus completed the process quickly.

Buy Deezer voucherThe vouchers can be purchased online

  • Then you click to the offers. There you will find a section with the vouchers at the end of the page. There, the user clicks on the link to buy Deezer voucher.
  • Now you just follow the instructions, selects the appropriate flat rate period and completes the process.
  • only someone going to do with unlimited music pleasure.

Redeem gift card Deezer

Anyone who has been given a gift card Deezer, this can only online – but Redeem a few clicks. And so is the quickest way to his Musikflatrate:

Redeem coupon DeezerEnter online at this site Deezer coupon code

  • The user is first on this site.
  • There you can see immediately the little box in which one enters the coupon code. Located on the back of the gift card.
  • Confirm with OK and let the music enjoyment go.