John the Ripper

When cleared John the Ripper Download is it is a powerful password cracker, which runs on about 14 different operating systems. which is operated via a command targets the tool decrypted passwords, PSK and WPA key and master passwords.

Note: Those who use the program to gain access to other computers and applications, is liable to prosecution.

John the Ripper Download: parallels to Jack?

Whether the name is deliberately modeled on the London murderers of the 19th century Jack the Ripper remains pure speculation. albeit in a completely different context - - but the similarities are not to be overlooked: While Jack female body opened and the innermost uncovered, John can be opened in a position to PCs and applications, no matter how good it is with their protection.

John the Ripper users get a powerful tool that can crack passwords and Co.. The program is subject to the General Public License (GPU), which means nothing other than that the code is accessible to everyone. Initially, the password-pro was intended only for the multi-user operating system Unix. Now it was extremely extended by using the community and was made to run for around 14 different systems. In the provided here download is the current official free version. The developers put on its website also provides numerous tools and information on the use.

John the Ripper Download

John the Ripper decrypts where others fail

This is also known by the acronym JtR or just John known program counts due to its efficiency, strength and versatility in terms of both passwords and systems, the most popular of its kind. It is mainly for testing of passwords and for decoding used this. The program is able to crack protected ODF and Office documents as well as WPA-PSK key. RAR archives or master passwords, how to, for example, in Thunderbird or the Mozilla Firefox browser is, are no problem. Similarly, Data Encryption Standard (DES) such as Kerberos, BSDI or LM hash Microsoft be easily decrypted. Also MD5 (MD5) or the block encryption algorithm Blowfish does not represent a hurdle.

In general, cryptographic hash functions are the hobbyhorse of John the Ripper download.

Operation of the password Knackers

The password cracker uses two different approaches: first, to the brood-force method. Because they just tried all possible solutions to the sought is found, it is also called exhaustive search. Second, the program uses the so-called dictionary attack. This is a cryptanalysis, which assumes that the sought password consists of a meaningful combination of numbers, letters and characters.