Lidl Connect number portability - cash balances!

Lidl Connect number portability – cash balances!

change the mobile operator is now and then really beneficial. But actually you would like to keep your number? Like many other vendors makes Lidl Connect number portability easily through a form possible – and offers you as a new customer even a thank you for it.

Lidl Connect number portability possible?

You have decided you to return your previous mobile provider’s back and go to the service of Lidl – but want your number like to keep. After all, one is hanging off somehow and it can be incredibly stressful to inform all the contacts a new number. Using a form that you can find online in your account or via the Lidl Connect app, you can lead the way to port.

Lidl Connect number portabilityYou can take your phone number to Lidl Connect. It applies only to follow a few hints and submitting a form. (Picture: pixabay / Lidl Connect / Editorial)

Mobile operators are now legally required to allow you the taking along your phone number – provided that all information matches. Lidl Connect therefore offers you this possibility – and rewards you even for that: Satte 25 euros because there are as extra credit to when you mitnehmt a phone number and connects them to your new SIM card from Lidl Connect. It’s only fair towards you, lending itself to the old providers usually a so-called porting fee for retiring the old number. And the costs are about 25 to 30 euros.

Do not forget message to the current provider: First step

It is important that your from sending entrainment statement (more on this below) tells your existing mobile phone operator that you wish to terminate the contract and take the number. Here, then, must be also distinguished as you want to take the phone number – before the end of the contract or the contract expires.

Do you want the phone number transmitted immediately or to leave, Your need this your current provider specifically tell. You will then receive the remaining time of your old contract a new phone number on it. Possible early adoption is to 123 days before the date of termination, then you must, wait for the end of the contract to use your old number at Lidl Connect.

The Take the contract expires runs a little easier. With timely cancellation of your Altvertrages You can namely indicate that a number portability to the new provider to take place. That you let yourself be the best from the old provider confirm in writing, then you are on the safe side. The entrainment can you still apply until 90 days after the contract expires.

Lidl Connect account number portabilityOn the Internet, the customer account on the app you can understand it all over again. (Image: Screenshot Lidl Connect)

Link phone number: Find it

The procedure is easy to explain and not difficult to understand:

  1. Buy some at the store or at Lidl Online a Lidl Connect SIM card.
  2. Join you first of all with this card assigned number and then logs you online one in your account.
  3. In the account you can now apply for the Lidl Connect number portability by your prints out a form for number portability and fills.
  4. In this form, you give in addition to the current Lidl Connect phone number and your name and date of birth of the to be acquired number, the previous Mubilfunkanbieter and your network operator and if available the customer number with the previous supplier and the date the contract ends. You can also choose whether you want to let take over the number before the contract end or whether this should be done only as of the date the contract ends with the previous supplier.
  5. Your signs this completed form with place and date and sends it to either by post

LIDL Connect customer support,
Postfach 100 254,
16285 Schwedt

or via fax to 0361 341 95999.

Approximately 10 days, it may take until you successfully Lidl Connect number portability is confirmed.

Lidl Connect number portability formYou can download this form you at Lidl Connect. Print it out, fill it out and send it off. (Image: Screenshot Lidl Connect)

Important! Make sure that all information is complete and correct and consistent with the information in the existing mobile operators. So these data Checks before in any case again! Here Lidl indicates that you must also make sure that umlauts are spelled correctly and consistently. So the driving circumstances could not function if a “like” Soul of the old contract, the new but “ae” – and vice versa. the same applies of course for all other special characters.

Note for prepaid customers

Your previously you had no fixed contract, but you make phone calls using prepaid? Then you must also send when changing a waiver to the old provider where your confirmed that may be forfeited on the unused credit card in porting. Possibly also porting fee is paid by credit.

Have you paid attention to all the Lidl Connect number portability, nothing stands in the way.