Hardly anyone takes advantage of the WhatsApp disadvantages aware too tempting are the functions and universal availability of the service - but who have their dark side. learn more here!

On almost any mobile device, the download of WhatsApp for Android or iOS place. When you look around tap someone on a smartphone, this person writes all probability a message in Germany's most-used app.

The main disadvantages WhatsApp Overview

Although WhatsApp has done a lot in terms of data security. Thus, the end-to-end encryption was introduced after years of criticism of the April 5, 2016 last. However, there were also negative headlines, for example, with changes in the privacy policy in favor of a transfer of data to Facebook. WhatsApp has already been adopted in 2014 the social network of Mark Zuckerberg, but until August 2016 was the transfer of the data requirements for the use of the Messengers, which brings us to the first point of criticism:

WhatsApp disadvantagesWhatsApp disadvantages at a glance!

First transfer of user data to Facebook

One of the biggest current WhatsApp disadvantages is the distribution and use permission of all telephone numbers of the contacts stored in the address book of the user. Any user who believes that he has contradicted precisely this clause, unfortunately died of a fundamental error. Because WhatsApp acknowledged the contradiction only the data usage in terms of personalized advertising; not, however, the transfer and storage of this data (which indeed also applies to third parties - even if they do not use the service). A clear violation of German data protection law, which is currently being negotiated. (Facebook wants the decision that all data must be deleted contest.)

2. Transfer of user data to third parties

But that is not all that private information will be passed on to the parent company, Facebook, WhatsApp also reserves the right to disclose information to third parties. In the privacy line states:

We work with third parties that help us to operate our services to offer to improve, to understand, to customize, support and marketing. When we share information with third parties, we require them to use your information based on our instructions and conditions or only with your express permission.

As for the house "Instructions and Conditions" are accurate, however, remains nebulous.

3. And it's a whole lot of data from the hand

This WhatsApp disadvantages not enough, not only saved the specifications listed above, but pretty much everything you can only catch by the user:

  • Account information (phone number, all the numbers from the address book, profile name, profile picture, status message)
  • Messages that can not be delivered immediately, can stay up to 30 days on the servers of WhatsApp. And it gets worse! So WhatsApp admits that some are "content to keep on our servers longer." For details, which media concerns and for how long this on the "keep servers" However, be missing.
  • Compounds, including groups, favorites and broadcast lists
  • Customer Support (information with regard to the use of the services, including copies of messages and contact details such as email addresses)
  • Use and log information (information about the type and frequency of use, log files and diagnostic, fall-, web page and Performance Logs and reports)
  • Transaction data for paid services
  • Device and connection data (phone model, operating system, browser information, IP address information to the mobile network, device identifiers)
  • Location information of the device

One should think really twice if you want to use the messenger in this series of WhatsApp disadvantages. For there are many safer alternatives such as threema or recommended by Edward Snowden Messenger RedPhone and TextSecure.