Cashbook 2015

Cashbook 2015

To look forward to the meticulous checks of tax auditors loose as a company, cash expenditures and revenues must be recorded accurately. Here, the free help Cashbook 2015 Download, the tax amounts automatically calculated. The tool can be used in both Excel and OpenOffice Calc.

Thus, the cash book used 2015 Download

The provided here Download originates from the house TOGITECH, which offers a wide variety of accounting programs. but the tool is not a simple spreadsheet, but a setup that will assist in the management of inputs and outputs with various features. Already the device is done quickly, because the download automatically detects which spreadsheet program is installed and grabs the matching version on the PC. When the installation is complete, the cash book is started in Excel or Calc 2015 as desired. Under certain circumstances, the macros must now be activated. This is necessary to ensure that all features of the tool can be used. the appropriate security warning does not appear, you can start right away.

Cashbook 2015 Download

Cashbook 2015: Clear Data Collection

Companies subject to the balance sheet liability are required by law to record all cash receipts and expenditures. The cash journal belongs to the working capital and is part of the financial statements. Tax inspectors look especially closely in this area to determine if there are inconsistencies. So companies are not around drum. With the cash book 2015 download but the user will receive a well-structured helper. Data are collected in multiple tabs, so that you can also keep track.

First, the company must enter the master data and the control number in the tab “data”. If present also a prior year’s amount is specified. Then it’s already down to business: For each month there is a worksheet in which all monthly inputs and outputs now be held. Each entry and each entry consists of a number of claims – as is required by law:

  • Serial number (allocation is automatic)
  • date
  • Designation (text book)
  • Receipt or payment
  • Amount of currency
  • tax rate
  • Control amount (calculated automatically)
  • New Cash (automatic calculation)

Even if no tax is omitted in an entry, the user must enter something in the field, in this case, precisely 0%. Conveniently, the program takes over the prior year’s amount for the first month. For the other months the previous month Over amounts are automatically transferred.

Cashbook 2015 Download Overview

Calculation of the tax payable and Overview

A comprehensive overview of the user receives overall in the worksheet at the end. Here, the cash book lists all the movements clearly. The user can read the expenditure and revenue here for a month and receives the calculated tax payable. In addition, the total revenue of the year and the overall change will be published. The target is displayed in red, green profit.

In addition, the results are presented in two spreadsheets into charts. However, these graphics can be seen rather as a guide as they are not very differentiated.

NOTE: The free version of Cashbook 2015 is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses, because it can only be made 120 bookings. (: November 2015 status) acquire for larger quantities can be the full version for 10 euros.