With the free BearShare Lite, the popular file sharing client BearShare is reissued. The free file-download tool works without advertising and is listed as one of the top downloader for the Gnutella network. This is ensured by the convenient search, a detailed setup, Support for magnet links and Secure Channels and the clear user interface, including permanently visible and auskoppelbarem from the program window Download meter and an integrated media player.

BearShare Lite download, installation and first steps

The BearShare Lite download is installed lean and fast, although the offer to install ASK toolbar appears twice. Something strange the appearing after the setup window that offers a checkmark next to a blank line is displayed. We have the check mark for safety's sake times removed because we expect here with a potentially unwanted process. If the BearShare Lite download first installed, opens when you first start the setup wizard for initial setup of the Gnutella downloader. Here, the configuration wizard will ask for some details that can be adjusted, however, all of them even later. These include the BearShare start with Windows, the establishment of the Download directories as well as share their own file folder. Important for the function of BearShare is that the connection to the Gnutella network is allowed by the software installed on the system firewall both, as well as by the router - to be released in the rule of Port 443rd If no connection is possible to notify the BearShare Lite Download which after some time, offering the call to the associated help page with further details.

Convenient search function with search history

The search for files with BearShare Lite is easy to handle and scores equal with several goodies. These include the AutoCompletion, a targeted search for files from the various categories documents, images, audio, music, video, applications, and archives as well as the definition of minimum and maximum size to list Direction finds and an integrated word-spam filters. On top of all search queries are stored in a session in the search history. Family heads and Clean Men will, however, about the switchable youth protection via password entry in Family happy filter.

BearShare Lite Download

Downloads and other functions

Via buttons in the menu bar, users can achieve the different areas of BearShare Lite. This includes the search described above, via downloads you get an overview of the currently running suction operations, by analogy, it is with uploads by uploading files. In the library one appears List of locally stored and shared files. This can be started directly from within the program or have a look at the built-in media player. Supports playlists as well as visualizations for audio files and can be incidentally chosen as the system default player for media files in the options, here are classics, like the VLC Media Player, however, functionally clearly in the lead.

BearShare Lite Download Media Player

Whether other file sharing participants have access to their own files and in what form, P2P friends comfortably adjusted in the program settings. This includes the upload speed, among other things offered and the maximum associated Downloader and releasing partially downloaded files. Comes to downloading again friends can "clean" Downloads via the options menu SecureMode for the sole Calling search results safer sources and verified magnet links activate. A fine thing is also automatic reduction in bandwidth used when the user goes online and minimizes BearShare in the background or. The associated option is called Low Power. What bandwidth BearShare Lite for hosting, uploading and downloading used can be adjusted separately by the way also.

Good Gnutella Downloader, if connected

The establishment of the connection to the peer-to-peer network Gnutella after BearShare Lite download is probably the biggest hurdle to be taken on the way to lots of free P2P Saugs. BearShare Lite scores with really sophisticated settings and is simple to use. It easy to search and clear presentation of up- and downloads make as good an impression as the switchable integrated chat. Nowadays, those who still want to move the file sharing area, is it a good tool here.