Windows 7 Remove Watermark removes the watermark from the beta versions and release candidates of Windows 7&# 46; The watermark remover deletes the lettering "evaluation Copy". "test mode" and "safe mode" from the screen. However, the tool erases away the pesky notice not only in Windows 7, Vista and Server 2008 also fall within his area of ​​responsibility. Remove Windows 7 Watermark provides the user with two ways to watermark distance available. The first time the utility modifies the user32.dll.mui. On 64-bit Vista and Windows 7, but after that the MUI cache must be rebuilt. This takes a while. the user takes the second path from Windows 7 Remove Watermark according to the manufacturer with a hundred percent chance of the watermark. By disconnecting the program with the argument "-enforce" start. If the watermark after restarting reappear, you have to press the "R"let button write the MUI cache new to the program. Even if the watermark does not look disturbing at first glance: Over time it falls again and again into the eye. Moreover, it just looks ugly. Remove Windows 7 Watermark evaluates the beta and RC versions of Windows 7 and away the intruder. This tool is part of the of each beta user PC.