DBDesigner 4

DBDesigner 4

Of the DBDesigner 4Download is an open-source tool from the home fabForce. The database design tool is suitable for operators of SQL databases of versions 3 and 4. FIG. The freeware helps with textured design not only in the development of databases, it also supports the implementation of existing data models.

DBDesigner 4 download for well-structured databases

The performance of SQL statements can be influenced by a variety of criteria. Certainly play hardware, network connectivity, server system and the software of the database a decisive role. however, is often underestimated the corresponding design of databases, which should be adapted to the use. In addition to commercial tools in the open source area is the supply of software for programming as a download-at least in terms of database design – rather sparse. the DBDesigner 4 Download: Fortunately, in the small selection but a functioning helpers to find.

DBDesigner 4 Download

The tool is under the GNU General Public License, also called GPL. The visualization of data models that is possible with this tool, transmits through a transparent documentation of individual structures also automatically making work easier.

Good operability despite many functions in DBDesigner 4

If the file of DBDesigner 4 downloaded, it can be installed in the Windows operating system. When first starting up the user shows a clearly structured surface in which is located in the center of the field for the display of data models. The creation of tables is very easy on the toolbar. In an edit window properties can be defined in great detail. Data types, column names, field length, etc. can be set quickly, but also be changed retrospectively. the data tables have been created, the user can determine the next step dependencies and relationships between these. Here, the relationship helps Editor. Following this, yet indexes must be created to ensure the performance of the database.

DBDesigner 4 Download Relation Editor

If necessary, an optical fine-tuning can be performed: logos can be inserted, writing, window layout, etc. can be changed. The DBDesigner 4 also allows the insertion of comments. The final data model is stored as XML, which favors the further processing in other programs.

Import, Export & Manipulate databases

Is the design of the database completed, these can now be exported to a file using a generated Erstellskripts. Thanks to the integrated database synchronization existing databases may already be overwritten and thus always updated. Especially helpful is the so-called reverse engineering function that reads existing data models and to generate a graphical representation. In this way, complex databases that may have been created without the designers, converted into a graphical representation to be reworked and expanded.

DBDesigner 4 Download Reverse Engineering

Powerful designer for databases The DBDesigner 4 download can certainly compete with commercial programs thanks to its wide array of features. The good usability is a definite plus. As fast good design results are possible with little effort – appropriate knowledge of databases are of course provided.