klarmobil Web App

klarmobil Web App

Since there currently no klarmobil app are to conveniently manage its data from smartphone, customers may have to get used to the Web app. Although this can also call with the phone, but the handling on mobile devices is rather cumbersome.

Shop with tariff page on the website instead of the mobile app clear

Anyone who wants to learn about the low rates or looking for the perfect smartphone, takes place in the store of klarmobil sure the right offer. With the Tarifberater the perfect option for personal needs can be selected on the fly. Besides tariffs for infrequent or frequent callers, smartphone or Internet users can be found by a precise indication of the likely required number of free minutes, SMS or data volume the lowest fare. In the mobile phone shop is subsidized smartphones or tablets find – and occasionally one or two bargains.

klarmobil appSite instead klarmobil app: customers can klarmobil her account only manage here.

What you can do with the user’s account:

Is it the shop not so tragic that there is no clear mobile app, it is missing tremendously in account management. Can be made with other providers directly from the mobile phone the main options klarmobil customers have to separate login on the site. For this, the scores of features: can the SIM card to be activated on the website In addition to the appointment of SIM card or mobile phone, PIN or PUK are displayed. Also, rates can change, if lost the card locked, recharged the credit and queried or invoices can be viewed. Last personal data such as names can be kept (for example, marriage or divorce), address or bank account up to date.

Registration with klarmobil

To use the functions, users must first register. Unfortunately, there is no separate form field. The new register is therefore only the mobile phone number in this format 491601234567 – ie with a 49 instead of zero at the beginning – to. By clicking on Login registration process starts. Now you have only followed the instructions and a password are set and have all the features of klarmobil account can be used.