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Faster than the police allowed that can be not only expensive, but also give penalty points, thus endangering the driver’s license or a driving license. Has always been the traffic announcements on the radio are popular for this very reason, because they warn drivers and motorcyclists from hot spots. The app transmits this principle now also on the technology of mobile mini-computer as Android smartphone and tablets – along the lines of “earn points was yesterday.” app also warns of construction sites

That it is not in so many police controls primarily for the safety of motorists and all other persons participating in the traffic goes, has often came to mind one or the other well. However, with the app you can not only protect to a certain extent against fraud. The app speaks out warnings from other danger spots such as congestion ends, smoothness, road works, accidents, objects on the road and more. app

More than 3 million in community involved

is made possible everything and then some by the community. Users can report both speed cameras and other hazards, and in this way were other road users before. So the Android phone with the app is the comprehensive lightning Warner service. According to the manufacturer do with over three million users in Germany. The good thing here is that the speed camera and safety alerts are displayed in real time. And: The app also covers other European countries. More than 60,000 fixed speed cameras worldwide have been taken over by In addition, the user can choose whether he wants to be pointed to a visual or audible signal to dangers. app active

Premium version with warnings about HFP Bluetooth connections

The app download is free in our download area. A prerequisite for use is only the Android operating system version 2.3. An internal GPS is also required. a flat rate is also recommended for online updates. In addition to the free version, there is a PLUS version, which offers some additional features, such as warnings about HFP Bluetooth connections. app settings

Reliable speed camera app with great features earn points was yesterday! The motto of Android program. The Biltzer app knows how to impress with an extensive database for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Besides the fixed speed cameras, the app also warns against mobile speed cameras reliably and several other hazards. Android is installed in a very short time and is also traveling very easy to use. By the way: Here’s even more free car software for free download.