WhatsApp forward: send photos, messages and chats

WhatsApp forward: send photos, messages and chats

Sometimes there are those cases in which you learn about forward WhatsApp would like to. Whether images, news, videos or equal to all the chat history: We have researched for you and tried.

forward WhatsAppMessages, pictures, videos, documents and even entire chat can forward your over WhatsApp. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

WhatsApp forward: Select News

If someone again wrote something that you must urgently inform also other contacts – reasons, there are countless – there are several possibilities. Individual messages can be forwarded easily. Everything you need is, of course WhatsApp for Android or WhatsApp for iPhone:

  1. Opens the chat from which you want to forward one or more messages.
  2. Selects those messages over long tap. So you can select more equal.
  3. to enter typed the top right of the arrow to the contact list.
  4. now selects one or more recipients to whom you want to let the news come. If you want to forward them directly to several people the lyrics so you must ensure not specifically create a group, but you can, thanks to multi-Sharing (instructions here!) Tap on the list all persons in succession. The arrow at the bottom right you send the chat text to these contacts or groups.

WhatsApp Sharing ContactsThanks to multi-sharing you can also all content equal to forward it to several people. (Image: Screenshot WhatsApp / Editorial)

Note: Unfortunately, the texts are not sent in their proper order. Say: The receiver does not know from whom comes the original texts, let alone that they did not come from you. This has privacy reasons. If you want to show someone but that it is a conversation with a particular contact, makes your better a screenshot and sends it as an image to a contact.

Note to iOS users: Does your iPhone, you have to not only tap the arrow above. After you have selected a message about a small menu from which you can select “Forward” or “Delete” appears.

Photos and videos to share: How to

Of course, even photos can be redirected. This in turn is one of the easiest exercises. It is up to you whether you simply forwards only the image or the possibly sent along by another contact text.

You can just get a picture forward in WhatsApp if your going as follows:

  1. Opens the chat in which you received the picture or sent. In addition, you see a gray circle with an arrow in it.
  2. Typed on this arrow and you will be forwarded to a contacts list. There you can select the contact to whom you want to send the image.
  3. Here, too, you can select multiple recipients, who then get the picture, thanks to multi-sharing by tapping.

Will you, however to add a caption, you can also share the image by your guests to typing long – like a message – and then above selects the share icon. Then you select a contact and you can still enter text before sending.

The Original caption can not send them along on Android. On the iPhone, turn there is this possibility. Here a tick can be placed in text by tapping on the “Forward” yet.

For videos and documents this instruction works in the same way,.

WhatsApp forward ChatWoltl you forward an entire chat history, you need to go to Android detour via e-mail. (Image: Screenshot WhatsApp / Editorial)

Forward an entire chat or parts thereof

iOS users have a great advantage here: You can forward all the chat history on WhatsApp, by scrolling to the top of a chat, and can continue to send the chat on “Edit”. So individual messages – – Here, individual components can be selected. Android users do not have this possibility. At least not in this way. However, it is possible to send all the chat by mail. Looking for You fill in the corresponding chat, click the top right of the three points, select “More” and tap on “Chat via e-mail.” Now you can even choose whether you want to send the chat with or without media.

Note: Increase media the email. If many media guests are present, it may be that the mail does not arrive, because not enough space in the mailbox exists. Now choose your e-mail provider, the mail and the recipient receives sent the chat as a .txt file.