Babbel app

Babbel app

Obediently back to school to learn a language that was yesterday. Today, it grabs the Babbel app and learn where and when you want. With the mobile voice application both beginners and advanced get a comprehensive vocabulary training, which is to make learning a language for pleasure. The repeat Manager, visualized and auditory stimuli as well as the speech recognition provide the desired achievement.

Babbel app: The Vocabulary trainer to go

Those who want to learn a few words before the next holiday or refresh a language from past school hours, do not want to invest a lot of money or time usually. Language courses are extremely expensive and tie the learners at fixed times. And those who want to learn a language much more flexible, more relaxed and cheaper, is the perfect partner in the Babbel Android application. Using the app can cramming localfreely at any time day or night, as long and as often as they want users. Whether in the train on the way to work, in the waiting room or in bed at night: The vocabulary app everyone has their own learning pace going. With the application of both beginners and advanced work.

Babbel app

App integrates various languages

Users who have not yet decided on a specific language, can try different languages ​​within the Babbel app like. The app contains 13 foreign languages, including interactive courses. such as English, Spanish, French and Italian are also Russian, Swedish, Portuguese (Brazilian variant), Turkish and Dutch on board in addition to the typical suspects. In addition, learning willing to try in Polish, Danish, Indonesian and Norwegian. between 2,000 and 3,000 words are provided for timpani per language.

Babbel makes interactive learning

The app of Babbel allowed different approaches in language learning. So each user can, depending on the level of knowledge and interest to win the best for him access to the language. The name provided in the app vocabulary is divided into different categories. You might want to start with the 100 most important words. but you can start as well in certain subjects such as holidays, eating and drinking or communication.

Babbel App Audio

Audios and images to the vocabulary

Vocabulary is learned faster and better when you not only see the concept, but sometimes listen and maybe making another association. This learning strategy also pursues the app because it brings even visual and auditory stimuli with every word. Thus, the vocabulary beach by a native speaker will be auditioned for example, also a picture of a beautiful sandy beach is displayed. The head can now save the concept along with the image and the audio signal. This helps to recall, in addition, the words stay longer in the memory.

Consolidation of learned vocabulary of a foreign language

Thus the learned concepts migrate from short-term memory into long-term memory, the continuous use and frequent repetition is needed. For this, the Babbel app versatile playful exercises brings. For example, the user should complete gaps in sentences, repeat words or terms assign the appropriate images. Even spelling exercises are available.