Sociogram Editor

Sociogram Editor

To illustrate what the relationships between several entities in a group, sociograms are a useful agent. With the editor this type can accurately be made by sociograms and exports in no time.

map with the sociogram editor download social conditions

Sociograms be used to that relationships between certain individuals or groups graphically. Using this form of illustration, the connections and relations are transparent and easier to read than among others especially when it comes to a variety of people – more than a simple listing. Most commonly, this form of artwork comes well in schools are used. If the teacher knows who is like in a class and who is not, is the making of seating plans, excursion planning or splitting into groups a breeze. No wonder then that the software was developed by a teacher.

Sociogram Editor Download

Of the Sociogram Editor Download can also in many other situations to be a helpful assistant. For example, it can be used for the teaching of German in order to illustrate relationships in literary characters like Hamlet or Schiller’s Intrigue and Love, be extremely beneficial. Educators who are interested in supporting learning software for the display of mathematical functions or for learning words for their lessons, get many other helpers for free download. Also conceivable is the use in companies or psychologists. In the latter based on the constellations persons subconscious conflicts or psychosis could be brought to light.

So the sociograms be created in a few steps

After the free download of the sociogram editor, the user first creates a table of people or characters whose relationship to display. Tip: Those who do not necessarily want to make a new list of persons who can easily import a finished table from Excel. All names entered can now for each person Like or dislike are set to each other. For this, just click with the mouse in the appropriate field. A left-click brings affection, a Right-click leads to the identification of a dislike.

Sociogram Editor Download Table

If the table is completed, can be open its drawing window on the “Draw” button. The names of the students or protagonists are in boxes with corresponding ratio arrows already exists, must now only be placed in position. Dislikes differ from affections by the coloring of the arrows. Red stands for aversion – green for affection. The arrangement of the people can be changed by moving the names at will. The finished sociogram can are copied as an image to the clipboard or printed out. An expression of two or four pages is supported. With version 2.1, a small extension introduced in the program that allows the user to the categorize people. Conceivable are groupings by gender or age, etc. To do this, simply create different criteria under the “Groups” tab.

Sociogram editor download groupings

Narrow program without additional functions The making of sociograms could not be easier, because with the sociogram Editor Download this task is done in no time. Still other features would be good to face the tool. For example, would be additional tools to specify, for example, relevant characteristics, notes or developments between the relations, extremely useful.