PC Booster rayed the computer thoroughly and eliminates system error. So the shareware helps to a faster and more stable operating system. If you call PC Booster on, the tool provides only once on an option called Auto Tuning. Here the shareware subjects the installed Windows to a thorough investigation. Then the tuning program presents the user with a list of optimization worthy settings. Upon request, PC Booster automatically adjusts all these screws. The Windows Tuner is also reflected in the decluttering of hard disks and registry useful and cares about performance brakes in memory. In addition, a module for checking the health of the processor to the functions of PC Booster counts. Who does not have the necessary knowledge to be able to venture accidents in the depths of Windows, which will have a helpful resource in the shareware. From the competition, the tuning program stands out especially by the automatic optimizer that adjusts the system settings to the existing hardware.

Limitations of PC Booster

Some options are disabled in the shareware version.