Of the CDex download saves the contents of music CDs to the hard drive. The freeware also convert music files into various formats. The program is one of the most popular music ripping programs on the market.

CDex Download: The classic CD rippers

Since there are CD drives, CD ripper are in high demand from PC users. CDex the classic par excellence among these tools. The software extracts tracks from music CDs and saves them without loss of quality on the hard disk. The data stream ensures the program as uncompressed WAV file, or by using external encoders in other formats. Connection takes the Ripper, among others, to the encoder LAME MP3, OGG Vorbis, APE Lossless and Windows WMA8. The LAME is already on board to directly convert into MP3 format.

CDex download

Mobile version runs directly from the USB flash drive

The CDex Download was published in the latest official version 1.51 in September 2003 by Albert L. Faber. Other programmers developed unofficial versions of the open source Ripper with new features and updated codecs. The current Final comes from Georgy Berdyshev. also available is a portable version of CDex downloads. This does not have to be installed and running on demand directly from a USB stick. The user interface can be set by the user in German.

CDex Download Language

CDex retrieves audio information from the online database freedb from

Lack of information on the songs CDex fetches automatically from freedb online database. If this metadata available as CD text, it reads from the drive. So can be quite comfortable the title information of the inserted CD to retrieve and transfer them directly into the file and folder names and in the ID3 tags of the audio files created. The data of the music database stores the user on request locally on the computer.

CDex Download freedb

Comfortable approximation of the volumes

Even scratched silver pieces are preparing the program no problems. For error correction ripping tool uses the jitter correction of the CD Paranoia library. Even during the ripping process, the application normalizes the volume level to achieve a uniform level at all tracks. The tracks can music lovers listen directly to CDex to decide which files to be converted.

CDex Download Settings

All major Ripping functions in CDex on board

Those who want to protect their music CDs from decay, will find the CDex download. The tool provides all functions of a full-blown ripper. In addition, provide automatic drive adjustment and supplement metadata for pleasing results.

CDex Download Conversion

Audio CDs read and save as MP3 files

CDex reads CDs and converts the music contained in MP3 and WAV files. What many do not know: The freeware also converts WAV files that are already on the hard drive. This allows the user kills two birds with one software patch.