Of the Driver Whiz download holds the Windows drivers in-system up to date. From a Database with more than 20 million entries the shareware looks up the matching or missing drivers the system and installs them on Windows.

With the Driver Whiz Download Drivers always up to date

After installing Driver Whiz the assistant scans the operating system on existing hardware and installed drivers. On the basis of the found system configuration is then checked whether there are matching newer drives for the installed hardware. In the absence of drivers Driver Magician automatically searches the net for suitable software and installs them. Before any change to the system, the tool creates a backup of the existing system drivers, which can be produced again just in case.

Driver Whiz download

Driver Whiz presents the result of the driver checks in traffic light colors

After this Driver Whiz download and the installation also equal starts an automatic scan driver and tells the user how many of the installed system drivers are no longer up to date. A summary of the scan presented Driver Whiz vividly in traffic light colors. All provided in the driver list with a green check hardware drivers need no refreshing, while the driver is provided with a red and white cross symbol should be updated. For this, simply click on the button Update Driver and the system is again completely up to date.

Optional renew all or individual drivers

available for each driver detailed information initiative, including the date of this in the system driver version and the last approved by the manufacturer change. Who clicked Update on Selected drivers renewed only them to adapt without additional drivers. This is useful if all system drivers are not to be refreshed.

set schedule for automatic driver scans

In the settings of the shareware the user can decide, among other things, whether devices that are not connected, will be included in the driver scan. He can also select the folder freely in the downloaded new driver should be saved. Furthermore, it sets a timetable for repeated driver scans determined to automatically again to check at specific times after the system obsolete drivers. If desired, the user can arrange automatic check drivers also at every Windows startup. More drivers tools are available for free download in our software catalog.

Driver Whiz download schedule

Limitations of Driver Whiz

In the trial, the update feature is disabled.