save Snapchat videos: Here’s How!

Who save Snapchat videos want a few detours to go. We reveal what possibilities there are for it! Get information here and record!

store multiple ways to Snapchat videos

Actually, it is the Snapchat app indeed in the nature of things that video and photos are just not saved. On the contrary, you can only watch restricted and after at least 24 hours they're gone.

Sometimes you want a recorded video but perhaps keep - or has the permission of the friends to save their sent snap-videos.Snapchat itself does not offer this feature - after all, the delete function of the main features is the app. Nevertheless, there is the ability to record video - and third-party apps and programs or by going through the cache. We have you picked out a couple of ways.

But beware! You should you ahead in any case with your friends secure if You may save videos whose Snapchat! Actually this is against the Snapchat guidelines - and fair to your friends, it is not even if they know nothing about it.

save Snapchat videosnot to do save Snapchat videos actually. But it is anyway. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

use the cache to recover

Data is stored on smartphones often only once temporarily in the cache. So it looks with Snapchat Files you play them off, they land a short time in the cache and are as overwritten - unless you gather them out of there in time.

As Android users you is this example, the Dumpster app. On the product page you will find all this information on the procedure.

Does your iPhone, but you have no other choice than to perform a jailbreak if you want to access the cache method. Here, especially inexperienced users should but watch. A jailbreak also destroyed the warranty warranty and may result in the suspension of certain apps like Pokémon Go.

save Snapchat videos AZ Screen RecorderWith the AZ Screen Recorder you can very simply record the screen and thus save not only snaps. (Picture: Hecorat)

Simple: The screen capture

A good-quality and easier way to Snapchat store videos, the screen capture. IOS 11, this is supposed to be available from equipment is likely. Until then, iPhone users have to rely on a tool like the Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro. This tool works on the PC as on iOS devices occupying the entire screen action on. You load the program on the PC and connect your phone via Airplay. Now about mirroring you can easily record Snaps.

Also, Android users have several such opportunities. has Apowersoft it as the Android Recorder in store. But another very handy tool that works directly on the smartphone, the AZ Screen Recorder app. Neither root nor need time limit or watermark as well as advertising limit the feature and your even can record in full HD or QHD. In addition, recordings can even pause. You also find the free app here in the database.

Other third-party apps

There is the Google Play Store and the App Store for iOS also tailored to Snapchat apps like Snapsave or SaveMySnaps that store Snaps directly and can store in the gallery. Some of these apps even allow additional filters on the Snaps place. However, these apps are inferior to very large fluctuations function normally and who even look around in the app stores, will find countless different, partly dubious acting Apps for such purposes. Caution is warranted. The safest and funktionstüchtigste possibility is still the screen recording. But as I said: ask for advance whether your Snapchat are allowed to store videos!

For photos, it is so that you can theoretically make a screen shot to save it. However Snapchat will notify users, however, the snaps were recorded via screenshot. Again, ask! But more informations are available in the following article: save Snapchat Images: Three variants