Drawing with so-called computer-aided design programs to be very popular. With the MEDUSA4 Personal Download is available for home users a free CAD tool with powerful pro features.

MEDUSA4 Personal Download ideal for home use

As for a variety of free 3D & CAD software usual computer, the program made by CAD Schroer is intended for private use. In principle, the download MEDUSA4 Personal to machine builders and engineers, as well as students and student directed. but strictly speaking they can be used also in any other graphical area is needed in the three-dimensional design. The CAD Professional comes with a wide range of functions around the corner, which is only slightly different from the free version duties. Of the Planning of one's home up to complex structures in the field of steel or engineering everything is possible.

MEDUSA4 Personal Download

Module MEDUSA4 Personal meet high standards

The free drawing program brings its sophisticated functional repertoire under the different modules. The following areas are covered:

  • 2D Drafting
  • Modeling in 3D
  • Parametrics
  • sheet metal processing
  • Integration of raster data

MEDUSA4 Personal Download 3D

For drawing in 2D various instruments are ready for starting geometry tools via grid to scale adjustments. Using an intelligent tool of MEDUSA4 Personal converts Download two-dimensional designs in 3D drawings by allowing the incorporation of colored raster images into the vector graphics. A Sheet Metal Design module called simulated constructions which later converted into real metal sheets to be. Labels sets the freeware TrueType or - important for data transfer to Linux users - in operating system-specific font formats to and even embeds Internet Links in the drawings with a.

Functions identical to expensive professional CAD programs

Furthermore, the current version scores with improved performance with very small and very large geometries as well as in the field of integration of images and particularly the handling of large format drawings. The new update of the tool supports all standard DWG / DXF formats, Windows 8.1 Pro and provides a faster processing integrated color images. It also offers several enhancements to the 2D editing tools. The Smart Drafting tool to dynamically create geometries has been extended for example by an additional function for rectangular arches. In addition, the program comes with an extensive library of symbols and equipment to the PC.

MEDUSA4 Personal Download Library

The drawing tool also has a CADConvert interface that with DWG or DXF data AutoCAD versions R12 by 2012 zurande. However, the export of these two formats is only possible through a portal to the manufacturer. The same applies to converting the vector drawings in PDF format. Join you look for a small fee on this website, you automatically acquire so even the permission for the commercial exploitation of his designs.

Limitations of MEDUSA4 Personal

Printed drawings are marked with a reference