Outlook no longer works: Causes and Solutions

Outlook no longer works? We show what problems the mail program Microsoft Outlook occur most frequently and how they are resolved quickly and easily!

Outlook no longer works: causes and solutions

When Outlook refuses to start up or crashes inexplicably again and stops operating, are often outdated add-ins the cause with which the Office program can not handle so right after the Microsoft Office download. Instead of clearly naming the perpetrator, the Outlook user receives only unfortunately quite meaningless error messages such as "Microsoft Outlook does not work anymore" or "Outlook will close and you will be notified as soon as a solution is available", This further helps the office users, of course, not really. Therefore, he must himself take action and make the exact point of failure identified.

often older add-ins provide stability problems and crashes.

For many MS Outlook add-ins are available that extend the mail program with additional features and also allow cooperation with other applications or websites. Unfortunately, just older add-ins provide more and more for stability issues and crashes. Therefore, it may be useful to test deactivation of the Outlook Add-ins and to consider whether this procedure resolves the issues. First, the user MS Outlook starts in safe mode. For this he opens the input line, for example, the key combination Win + R, giving the following command: outlook / safe. This ensures that the popular e-mail program from Microsoft is started without any add-ins.

Outlook no longer works

Outlook no longer works because one causes the add-in problem

After Cover your mail profile, the user checks if MS Outlook now is stable and conflict-free. If so, the solution is clear: Outlook no longer works because an add-in is causing the problem. The way to resolve this, results in Outlook using options and add-ins. There is a list of installed extensions that can be disabled easily. In this way, they are started together with Outlook prevented. It makes sense to initially block the start of all add-ins and gradually returns individual extensions allow until the actual polluter is found. This add-in remains deactivated and then on the Outlook no longer have problems.

Other reasons are possible, but add-ins as the cause number 1

There are other good reasons why Outlook does not work anymore and the Office application becomes unstable. Since the add-ins are error cause Nummero 1, it is worth, however, to search first at this point for the culprit. If this is not successful, the user MS Office should completely uninstall and then reinstall it.

The simple method: restart PC!

Sometimes, however, it is sufficient to simply reboot the PC, as this simple procedure according to experience quite often fixes the issues on its own. So just try it and maybe the user has happiness and "Outlook no longer works"-problem has completely done by itself!