Adobe Flash Player old version

Adobe Flash Player old version

Adobe Flash Player old version of the program name speaks largely for itself. Under this working title of the manufacturer Adobe archived older versions of its player software for videos and multimedia web content.

Adobe Flash Player old version Download for obsolete versions of Windows

In the main, is directed to the Adobe Adobe Flash Player old version Download to users who still operated computer with Windows versions from latest Adobe Flash Player Player are no longer supported. In our software catalog is of course the latest Adobe Flash Player and other Homepage-Tools is available for download. In detail, the old Flash Player suitable for the following Windows editions:

  • Windows 95
  • Windows 98
  • Windows Me
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows NT
  • Windows Server 2003

Flash for old Windows versions

While it is in any case not advisable to trust to the Internet with such an outdated versions of Windows, but is reportedly ago by repeatedly again. Who then click the Display Flash-based websites not want to miss, which is just the way the to install Adobe Flash Player old version.

flash player download windows-versions for old

File archive also includes Flash Beta

The Adobe file archive dates back to the Flash Player 2, which dates from 1997 and already a member of the PC history basically. The selection of the Flash Player, incidentally, ends with the version 14, so the current Flash Beta. Here, the frames addressed to version number 10 to users of old Windows editions, the more recent archives include bug fixes contemporary Flash Player.

Old player may strike in modern animation

watch for in connection with the Adobe Flash Player old version downloads that these naturally deprecated become. This has the disadvantage that sometimes modern Flash animations can be displayed in full or possibly not at all. Here helps in doubt, just try that old Flash Player bring to light the best results. Better results than all-black screens or non-accessible sites but should always achieve the antique player.

Still updates fix vulnerabilities

However, is "set development" not that Adobe is no longer cares for its outdated Flash Player. Diving to date unknown vulnerabilities on, as is unfortunately the case in quite a regular basis, they are also fixed in the archived older version rule and corresponding Flash Player updates provided. Whether these updates are installed automatically as current Flash versions, is affirmed by Adobe, but who wants to play it safe here, should the special Flash newsletter from Adobe or Rundmail the civil-CERT Subscribe pointing to Security issues fixed , Download archive also includes the player for Android Helpful for smartphone and tablet users: Among the Adobe Flash Player old version downloads are also the various versions of the Adobe Flash Player for Android archived. Stand here Flash Player APK Downloads the versions 10 and 11 ready, both for Android 2.x and 3.x Android and Android 4.0. For more recent editions of the mobile operating system made by Google corresponding Adobe Flash Player are available for Android in our software catalog.