An account with the software giant is the ticket for various services. the user wants to be Delete Microsoft account, it closes some doors to services. Now estimated effects and Delete Account!

Who wants to use 10 all the features of the operating system after the download of Windows, requires an account with Microsoft. The account opens the user and the doors to other services and products. Those who wish to turn their backs on the software manufacturer, may his account very easily delete it.

Delete Microsoft accountDelete Microsoft account: We show what you should consider it! (Image: Screenshot Microsoft / Editorial)

Delete Microsoft account: the impact

Anyone who has an account with Microsoft in order to access many different products and services. Was one but only persuaded to register and want to make this ill-considered step undo, no problem. delete the Microsoft account works in a few steps. However, one should keep in mind in which services and products account either mandatory or at least useful:

  • Windows 10
  • Xbox and Xbox Music
  • Skype
  • Office 365
  • OneDrive (also known SkyDrive)
  • Find My Phone

In Windows 10 the account does not play very significant role. Thus, the application is only the functionality of the system free.

Check-up before deleting

Users who want to delete their account should make sure in advance that they leave nothing - no data or credit. Therefore, the following should be checked before:

  • cancel subscriptionsWho subscribes for example, Xbox Live Gold, OneDrive, an ad free Outlook account or Office 365, should announce this.

  • Funds remaining issueWho owns about his account or credit or points, they should consume, so they are not lost. Best in the Windows (Phone) Store or go shopping at Xbox.

Delete Microsoft account balances XboxRemove payment option (Image: Screenshot Microsoft / Editorial)

  • Notification of new email: Users whose accounts are linked to an e-mail address with the following extensions should inform their contacts about deleting the account: @, @, @, @ The best way is equal to the new mail address with. Referrals may be made for 60 days, after which the account is completely deleted.

  • Secure dataWho wants to be deleting Microsoft account, all data associated loses. Therefore, the user should make a copy of all its files and data. These include e-mails, photos and documents stored in OneDrive, Hotmail or Also, Product Keys, Messenger contacts, data from MSN Money or HealthVault should be backed up.

  • Accounts of childrenThe accounts of children who are managed by his own account, remain open. However, the child needs the consent of another parent account upon registration.

For example, the Microsoft account will be deleted!

Anyone who has observed the things mentioned above, may now be in a few steps to delete Microsoft account.

  • 1) First, the user opens this page via its browser. He logs in with his email address and password.

Delete Microsoft account loginLog in with an email address and password (Image: Screenshot Microsoft / Editorial)

  • 2) Now the user can navigate through the menu on the left to the security and password. Under certain circumstances, a verification takes place at this point.

Delete Microsoft account implementationSecurity and password (Image: Screenshot Microsoft / Editorial)

  • 3) At the bottom of the page appears the category closing your account. There, the user clicks on the link include Custom Account.

  • 4) To avoid accidentally want to delete an incorrect Microsoft account, you should double check that you have logged in with the corresponding. Everything is right, click on Next.

  • 5) Finally, the user is encouraged to delete a reason for the MS account indicated. Then select account reserve to close.

  • 6) The account is now even for 60 days, after which it will be completely eliminated. However, anyone who logs on again within that period, lifts the Microsoft account Delete.