Dream of many: to become rich by playing. With the Millionaire 2017 App could work - at least virtually. But also for training the general knowledge quiz for actual games is worth the free game.

Millionaire 2017 AppFrom different categories, the questions at Millionaire be elected in 2017 and answer.

Every day new questions in the Millionaire 2017 App

Each of us has surely ever dreamed of the famous chair in the TV studio with Günther Jauch - but few were able to experience this situation before. The change - at least on the smartphone - with the millionaire in 2017 App. Here, each place can take and ask the question hail to end up going with the one million home.

Over 10,000 trivia questions from ten different topic areas await the player in the app, which comes with all-new content when compared to its predecessors. The questions usually start easily and will answer increasingly difficult towards the end, analogous to the TV template "Millionaire", But do not be fooled! The initial questions have their pitfalls. Who responds too quickly, perhaps overlooks a small, important detail and is led astray. incidentally, are added new questions every day, so the game so quickly certainly not decreasing.

measure millionaire in 2017 with other appcompete against friends, family and other players and share high scores - so the player can show everyone what he's got.

In full accordance with the TV show are the players here mutual, 50: 50- and telephone Joker available if a question is even too hard to crack. On the help of others can hopefully count. Even a celebrity can ask for advice when it does not go on with your own knowledge.

Competition with other players

Especially interesting for people who like to test their skills with others, is the ability to share its results with friends and family and to compare in the quiz duel with other players.

Who still wants to acquire more knowledge through play, the free quizzes are recommended in our download database.