PONS Dictionary English – German Advanced

PONS Dictionary English – German Advanced

PONS German – English dictionary Advanced an integrated Dictionary with 775,000 keywords, phrases and translations in Windows 8. The purchase app, like other Metro apps integrates seamlessly with the operating concept of the eighth Windows edition.

PONS Dictionary Download with 460,000 translations

The bilingual dictionary contains more than 460,000 translations between the English and German language and around 315,000 keywords and phrases. The word translations are with grammatical statements for parlance enriched and pronunciation by phonetic phonetics. Practical: Opened dictionary entries can be sent to other apps or import words for Apps fairly straightforward.

PONS German - English dictionary Advanced Download

Helpers in everyday work with English-speaking partners

The dictionary is perfect for all persons private or professional read English texts and write. Who is speaking or in his spare time with English friends in his professional life with English-speaking partners in contact, gets to the PONS German – English dictionary Download a reliable and valuable resource to hand.

Instructive Info boxes for culture, country and people

The English dictionary has a current vocabulary ranging from everyday language to modern specialist language and provides the user with Context examples, information on language use and lots of other important information on grammar. Useful and informative the info boxes for culture, country and people as well as the IPA phonetics are.

PONS German - English dictionary Advanced Download language direction

Quick change of language in the direction PONS Dictionary

The operation of the app is quite simple and can be explained almost by itself. On the app’s home page, there is an access to the search box, search results, favorites and history. So there is no need to jump between different views back and forth. One click is enough to switch from one language direction or call Linked entries. The Full-text search allows you to search dictionary entries, including the Sample sentences. English headwords in any form, so both declined and conjugated.

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Frequently used entries in the dictionary as a favorite mark

During the debate, the learner can listen to numerous keywords. These are quite has been professionally recorded by native speakers. Useful is the ability to identify frequently used items as favorites. Per history feature the words looked to be called quickly and easily again. The PONS Dictionary English – German download also allows Sharing of information and content. Thus, for example, the currently open dictionary entry as a text message to other apps and vice versa receive text from apps in the Dictionary app. Here, the received text presented in a special view in which you can click on individual words in the text to obtain the corresponding dictionary entry. Those looking for more English dictionaries will find it in our download area.

PONS German - English dictionary Advanced Download History feature

Useful digital reference book for the English language With PONS German – English dictionary Advanced users receive Windows 8 a digital reference book for the English language. Of the rich vocabulary and the helpful grammatical explanations provide helpful services in school, study or during the exchange with English-speaking business partners, friends and acquaintances.