BrazosTweaker changes desired voltage and clock speed of AMD's Brazos CPUs. With the freeware the life of notebooks or tablets with the popular AMD processors E-350, E-450 can extend C-50 and C-60th BrazosTweaker gives access to voltage values ​​and frequencies of the AMD Brazos CPUs with the code name Zacate E-350 and E-450 and the CPUs Ontario C-50 and C-60th By throttling the CPU clock rate, and the lowering of the supply voltage, the battery life of the mobile computer extended. A positive side effect: less stress brings lower CPU temperatures and thus less fan noise with it. All voltage and clock values ​​stores the freeware permanent and called for each p-state separately from. With BrazosTweaker owners of laptops or tablets with AMD Brazos CPU can extend the life of their mobile computer. Note: The use of BrazosTweaker at your own risk. When using BrazosTweaker the CPU may be operating outside of the manufacturer recommended reference values.