Sky hotline: Free 0800 number for the Sky Contact

Sky hotline: Free 0800 number for the Sky Contact

who the Sky Hotline examines experiences here, as it can absorb quickly and easily with Sky contact. We show all the contact options to the Sky customer service from the Sky telephone hotline and e-mail up to the fax number and mailing address. learn more here, including on the "secret" 0800 freephone numbers!

Sky hotline for new customers and existing customers

The Sky hotline is in great demand, as there are many occasions to make contact with the Sky service. New customers are looking for information, especially about the best Sky offers and try to bring the prices and combinations of the individual packages in Sky experience. Existing customers, such as users of the Sky Go app, select the Sky hotline mostly to her to terminate Sky subscription or change the selected Sky packages and to book new packages such as Sky Sports and Sky Bundesliga.

Sky HotlineSky hotline: The free 0800 number for Sky Service will still be available. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

Smart bargain hunters take advantage of the secret freephone hotline of the Sky

On the Sky website is now only a paid 01806 Phone number for the Sky to see customer service. There is also, however, for clever caller the option of Sky Support Hotline free to choose. The free 0800 numbers for the Sky Customer loud and 08005889563 for the Sky subscription service 0,800,000,480,840th

This Sky free hotline is intentionally not officially communicated and serves primarily as a number of Sky customer recovery. New customers but they can also be used. If you do not provide the contract number on call, automatically forwarding to an employee of Sky customer service.

The official numbers from the Ticket Hotline to the Sky offers 18+

The official Sky customer service is available around the clock by calling 01,806,110,000th The number of Sky Order hotline is 0180688400099 and the Sky Customer Fax 018,068,860,000th More special Sky hotlines are available. Who wants to book Sky Select, selects 01806554433rd The Sky 18+ offers are under 0,180,688,400,015th

Moreover, even numbers for the Sky Contact for hoteliers (08999587442) and Sky stand Contact for bars and restaurant owners (0180620002000) ready. The Sky Contact for friendship commercials is 0,180,688,300,091th who contacted customer service about such a 0180 number, paid 0.20 € from the German landline and 0.60 € from a mobile network regardless of the duration of the call.

Sky Contact by e-mail and postal mail

Letter to the Sky Customer Service by mail go to: Sky Germany television GmbH & Co. KG, customer service, 22033 Hamburg. The return address for rental receiver: Sky Germany television GmbH & Co. KG, 22033 Hamburg. The rental receiver must be returned within two weeks after the expiry of the contract in order to avoid additional costs. Who the Sky Service by e-mail would be used following Sky e-mail addresses: [email protected] or [email protected] Write hoteliers to [email protected]