Apple Music find audio books and radio plays and stream

who Apple Music Audiobooks examines unfortunately not a big choice, because - as the name suggests - almost everything at Apple Music to music. We'll tell below which audio books and radio plays are available yet for the streaming service from Apple. From here and go after Apple Music for Windows download on radio play search!

Apple Music Audiobooks play only a minor role

Many users are wondering how they can stream audio books from Apple Music. Customers of Apple Music indeed have access to the entire music library from Apple with more than 40 million songs. The popular music streaming service started its service in June 2015, 100 countries and is available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Per month must pay wages to around 10 euros Apple Music customers to gain access to the Apple Music catalog and stream up to ten different devices. Whether it is dealing with songs or audio books, does not matter. However, it is not easy to find audio books and radio plays in the extensive range, as they play only a minor role in Apple Music.

Difficult search for Apple Music radio plays

Those who still Browsed intensive, will encounter some interesting audio books from Apple Music. Unfortunately, while there is in the music streaming service does not own audiobook, or radio play category, but some beads can then be yet find in the depths of the music catalog. Of course can the range of spoken works not compare with services such as the audio book specialist Audible, but as a bonus for music streaming is worth the search for radio plays even with Apple Music. Current audio books, however, are hardly listed.

Apple Music AudiobooksUnfortunately Apple Music Audio books are in short supply. We found some beads!

Herbert Grönemeyer reads the audio play "The boat"

Who wants to listen Apple Music plays, requires a subscription to a streaming service from Apple. It is worth mentioning that Apple Music can be tested for three months free of charge. Which radio plays has for now the Apple Music catalog? For example, fans of Herbert Grönemeyer can on the read of it radio play "The boat" access. Here, everything revolves around the dramatic story of the crew of a submarine in World War II. As Apple Music customer, one has the impression that some audio books have stumbled lost in the music field. For example, too "The boat" listed under the heading Grönemeyer.

The three ??? unfortunately are no longer in the radio play offer from Apple Music

But there are also anhörenswerte classics like The Adventures of London's master detective Sherlock Holmes and the ghost hunter John Sinclair or the stories of Father Brown. More Apple Music audio books in the catalog are the radio plays the works of Edgar Allan Poe and E. T. A. Hoffmann. Unfortunately, the still available for the start of Apple Music episodes of the radio drama series were "The three ???" now away from the offer, since no rights released by Sony present for streaming what many fans of the radio drama series very sorry.