Of the NewFileTime download edit the timestamps of files and folders. This is useful, for example, if the time and date of the digital camera were incorrectly set and the user wants to give the correct date the captured snapshots.

File timestamps change with the NewFileTime Download

NewFileTime can handle any amount of entries in one fell swoop. Thus all the images folder with the correct date and the desired time can be provided. The operation proves to be quite simple: The files and folders using drag&Drop; drawn on the surface of the freeware and set the desired type of processing. Another mouse click is the freeware tool completed its work quickly and reliably.

NewFileTime download

Set current date and time

Clicking on the "#"-Aufklappmenü be further sub-menus displayed: date and time. These can be used in combination to change the new date or time gradually from the current. In this way, a change of about one week possible maximum. Each time the user can switch to the current date / time by clicking on #, and then click News.

Quick preview function on board

Alternatively, the following change options available via the selection fields: "Changed on". "Created on" and "Last access on", NewFileTime includes a preview function. This is quite useful to identify possible unwanted or incorrect changes in advance of the correction.

NewFileTime provided on request entire directory trees

Each time, files and folders can by pressing the "reset"Remove knob from the selection and drag or import other files into the program window. To change the dates or times of whole directory trees, the user clicks the button Import and sets as an import attributes "including subfolders", In this way, can be specifically determined whether only files and / or folders in the specified directory are changed or the entire directory tree including subfolders should be adjusted accordingly. Once the attributes are set and the times have been entered correctly, just click on the "Time set"-Button.

NewFileTime Download subfolders

Tampering with the file and folder times When NewFileTime Download is a small mobile system tool for corrections and manipulation of the file and folder times. In this way, time corrections can make and fix for example, incorrectly set times of the digital camera or computer. Also, you can order quite reliably cover up evidence. Who wants to make files or folders proportional older or younger or specifically set a specific time has a useful resource to hand with the freeware.