With a BrickShooter Download the gamers practicing his combinatorial skill. Fun to boot the game, so it offers a perfect pastime for rainy afternoons.

The download of BrickShooter is for anyone

If you like puzzling or the game "3 wins" plays, which is very well served with a download of Brick Shooter: The rules are simple, the requirements just to the game depending on the selectable difficulty to complicated. Also the player can stop at any time, save the game and another time just keep playing. This makes Brickshooter so attractive compared to other puzzle games for free download.

The gameplay of Brick Shooter

The Rules of this strategic puzzle are easy explains: There is a square edge with three rows of colorful stones. Inside this rectangle are black boxes that are free and a small array of different colored blocks. Now it is for the gamblers, always three or more to bring together squares of the same color to make them disappear. This merging of the same color Spielsteinchen earns points. The aim of the game is to grab as many points as possible. The game is over when the black squares are all covered with a colored stones and a bringing together of same-colored stones is therefore no longer possible.

BrickShooter Download

Only the stones are on the edge of the square to move and that too only in one direction: straight ahead.

Design and handling of the thinking game

During installation, the user can select the language. After initial start will be again explained to him quickly the rules, so that even absolute beginners can download without the knowledge of the game Brick Shooter and play. The layout of the game is quite simple in design: Even if the game is colorful and colorful, the design could be improved: The background is dull black and the colors mostly all very dark. After all the pieces still good lift from the background so that a flawless game play is nothing to prevent. A beautiful game for strategists For rainy afternoons or long Sundays: When downloading BrickShooter is a first-class pastime for everyone, where the levels of difficulty can be adjusted itself. Thus, the gambler always has the choice, he would like to play. it is also very convenient that the gamer can pause the game and save to gamble more at a later date. Anyone who wishes puzzling or playing Puzzle games, need this game so be sure on his PC.

Limitations of BrickShooter

In the 15 days trial, there is no way to save the game.